The All New ALPHA 10X, 12X & 16X R35 GT-R Turbo System

The All New ALPHA 10X, 12X & 16X R35 GT-R Turbo System

Back in 2009 we set out to make the best Nissan GT-R twin-turbo system upgrade on the market. Over the next 3 years the ALPHA 10 and ALPHA 12 kit proved to be the world leader in aftermarket performance for the GT-R. Then you wanted more. Read More

AMS Alpha 12 GT-R : Full Weight 8 Second Pass

  Another AMS Alpha 12 GT-R completes an 8 second 1/4 mile pass! This particular GT-R is owned by our dear friend and customer, Tim Sanders. Our fans should know that Tim has been a part of  the Alpha GT-R program since its early stages of development. In fact, without his passion and support of […]

AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 8

The slower winter season has allowed us to continue to work on the Hearse a bit more in between shop projects. Lance has put lots of time into cleaning up the engine bay, weeding through wires, removing unnecessary items , etc.  The harness Lance and Randy @ Yates EFI designed together came out amazing.  The harness is fully installed and the layout really allowed us to clean up the engine bay.

We opted to remove the LS6 intake and in its place went a Super Victor intake, 90 degree elbow by Aaron @ , LS2 TB & ID2000 injectors. This will be worth some power, support our future motor and really adds to the cool factor of the build.  The fuel system is all complete up front and we’ll be addressing the rest of the system in upcoming weeks. Read More