Most Popular AMS/ALPHA Parts by Vehicle Make

AMS Performance offers high quality products for a number of high performance forced induction vehicles. Here are our most popular AMS/Alpha parts†by vehicle make sold this year so far – many of which are simple bolt-on upgrades that offer excellent performance benefits and can be easily installed. Alpha Audi S4/S5 (B8/B8.5) Supercharger Cooler System Our […]

Alpha 10 Porsche 997 Turbo VS Aventador & Z06

Wannagofast June 2014
We brought our shop Alpha 10 997.1 Turbo to the June 2014 Wannagofast Chicago event with a goal of besting last year’s speed of 172MPH. Equipped with an all new Cobb Accessport loaded with a custom Alpha tune and larger Alpha 10 turbos our Porsche 997 ran Read More

Product feature: Alpha Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler Kit


Our Alpha Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler Kit has been out for almost a year now with the 997.2TT variant soon to be released. It is still the most complete intercooler kit you can find for your Porsche 997.1TT. It had to be in order to extract every benefit we could muster. This includes the largest production intercoolers on the market; carbon fiber intercooler ducts; high volume 4-ply/reinforced silicone couplers; and a large 2.5 inch cast aluminum y-pipe.

Alpha Performance Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler Kit

Porsche 997TT owners -† with summer coming, try not to forget that ambient air drawn into your 997TT’s induction system can be hot to begin with. . . but when this sweltering hot air is compressed by the twin turbocharger system, charged air temps can get hot enough to slow cook a prime rib roast.

Our design significantly reduces charged air temperatures while increasing air flow throughout your induction system. With it, you can expect noticeably improved performance while reducing the chance of experiencing knock, detonation or even engine failure.

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Recognizing Greatness: AMS/ALPHA Performance Elite

Since the day we began releasing AMS & ALPHA products, our customers have been putting them to the test. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers not only using our products but chasing and breaking records with them. We wanted to recognize these achievements and for this reason, we have initiated two awards programs here at AMS Performance: The AMS Performance Elite and Alpha Performance Elite.


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AMS releases Porsche K16 Billet Turbo upgrades

AMS releases the most powerful K16 based turbo upgrade available. Using a custom CNC machined billet compressor wheel, these modified K16ís are capable of 750-800hp! These exclusive turbos available from AMS feature modern aerodynamics that offer high flow and stock-like spool. These are the ultimate turbos for street and track cars, no lag and incredible horsepower. Capable of pushing 10 second quarter mile times at well over 130mph with minor bolt-ons, this kit will put your 996TT into the pinnacle of supercar status.

AMS Porsche 996TT K16 Billet Turbo Upgrade Kit

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