Return to Norwalk, Race for the Championship

OVER ONE MILLION VIEWS The last image that anyone has of Gidi from last year’s 2015 Buschur Shootout is when, at the 1/8 mile pole, blue smoke started pouring out from his quick blue Nissan GT-R. The issue, an oil line. It had burst spilling the slippery black substance in front of the racer’s tires. What […]

Our 2014 E63 AMG 4Matic Has Arrived!

Baseline Testing Complete

In late October we took delivery of our 2014 E63 AMG 4Matic. After some break in miles we headed for Byron dragway to get some baseline numbers. Our completely stock, full weight 2014 E63 ran a best of 11.98 @ 118.56 MPH, not bad at all for a non S model!
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Alpha 7 Performance Package Now Available for GT-R

The Alpha 7 Package for the Nissan R35 GT-R is designed for those who want to maximize output of the stock turbochargers. We found some enthusiasts are not ready to step into an Alpha 9 Package just yet, but want more power than an Alpha 6. After many requests to build a package to maximize the potential of the stock turbos we have decided to make the Alpha 7 an official package in our line up.
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AMS/Alpha Performance named Plex Tunings Exclusive North American Distributor

AMS/Alpha Performance named Plex Tunings Exclusive North American Distributor

The PBC Pro boost controller is a bit different from your typical EBC. With the optional OBD cable, it plugs directly into your OBD CAN BUS, giving it the ability to display factory sensor information on the controllers large screen up to 8 parameters at once! PBC Pro can also control boost based off of the factory sensors which Plex calls 6 dimensional boost control, boost based off gear, RPM, speed, throttle position and air temperature sensors.

Other than controlling boost, the PBC Pro has a bunch of other useful features such as an EGT meter, OBD parameter display, Wideband A/F, Oil/Air temp, NOS or Aux Control and a shift light. Read More

AMS Sponsored, Race Kern EVO VIII Tackles Pikes Peak *video*


Our friend David Kern recently competed in his 7th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This race has some of the most diverse and unpredictable conditions climbing from 9000 feet to 14,000 feet in 12.4 miles. This year Dave was dealt a tough hand as the weather turned on him and did not cooperate with his tire choice. Piloting his 700+HP, AMS equipped EVO VIII up the mountain through rain and sleet on his Continental Slicks he was still able to claim 4th place with a time of 11:13.074. Read More

Alpha Omega 7.98 Pass In Images *Dash Cam Video*

On July 13, 2013 AMS/Alpha Performance made history, the Alpha Omega became the first R35 GT-R to run a 7 second 1/4 mile pass, officially making us home of the first 9, 8 and 7 second R35 GT-R!

This came just two days after Omega reclaimed the ET and trap speed records (8.25 @ 185mph) and was accomplished on the first and only pass Omega made that day. The team arrived at the track, unloaded the trailer, prepped the car and made a pass – Ivan Launched the car hard, it had a bit of wheel spin and drifted towards the center line, Ivan powered through it and got it under control crossing the beams at 7.984 @ 186.14mph, besting our Thursday night record setting run. Read More

Alpha 12 Takes on a Ford GT with 850HP

ALPHA Performance GT-R Dealer is at it again! This time Bernd lines up his ALPHA 12 Nissan GT-R vs an 850hp Ford GT. The ford owner laughs in shock at the outcome

Alpha 12 Goes Undefeated at Swedish Roll Race Event

At the recent event in Sweden, ALPHA performance dealer Bernd Phillip of went undefeated even beating a BMW S1000RR Street Bike. In this video you can see Bernd hitting 322kph (200mph) while running that bike as well as a Switzer P800 equipped GT-R.

Alpha 9 GT-R Runs a 9.30 @ 144.3mph. 1.40 60 Time!

Congratulations to our customer, JJ, for putting down the quickest 1/4 mile pass for an ALPHA 9 GT-R to date with a 9.305! On this run he blasted off a super impressive 1.40 60 foot time. This is a tried and true ALPHA 9 GT-R running on E85 built and tuned right here at AMS / ALPHA performance.

This was done just a week after JJ was hot lapping his R35 at the WannaGoFast standing half mile shootout where the car made a 180mph blast! It has been great to see him out enjoying the car he has built.


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