Alpha Omega 190MPH in the 1/4 Mile Video

In preparation for next month’s Texas Speed Syndicate Invitational (TI), we brought our shop GT-R Alpha Omega out to Great Lakes Dragaway for some testing. ET’s continue to drop with the best being a 7.83@187mph. To give you an idea of the power at hand, Omega managed an incredible GT-R record-breaking 190mph trap speed on the last Read More

AMS Product Release: AMS 02+ Subaru STI/XWRX Tuner Turbo Kit

AMS 02+ Subaru STI/XWRX Tuner Turbo Kit

If you already own a Precision Turbo V-band turbocharger and would like to revise or design your own v-band turbo system, we now offer the AMS Subaru STI/WRX Turbo Tuner Kit to fit 2002-2007 STI/WRX and 2008+ STI/WRX models. This kit will provide you the key components essential to improving exhaust flow and maximizing the performance of your Precision Turbo V-band turbocharger. Such pieces include our cast stainless steel up-pipe with v-band flanges, 3” stainless steel downpipe and your choice of 3” stainless steel test or cat pipe. Also included is our stainless steel atmospheric dump tube and the necessary v-band clamps, fasteners and hardware to refresh your v-band turbo/exhaust system. Read More

AMS Alpha Omega GT-R at TX2K12: 8.62@173.81mph Record!

With the tracks closed in the Chicagoland area until late April, our annual trip down to the TX2K GT-R Nationals events in March offer us the first opportunity to test new vehicles that we’ve been working on throughout the winter months. This year, initial testing of the AMS Alpha Omega at the TX2K12 was a definitive success. This was the first time the Omega has ever made an appearance at the drag strip and much was accomplished and learned.


On Saturday, the Alpha Omega began on a low boost setting around 24lbs. After that, boost was increased to around 35lbs max and our first clean pass was just short of the record ET by three thousandths of a second (8.79@169mph)! At the end of that pass, one of the intercooler pipes popped, shooting downward at the under tray. This, along with the deployment of the parachute (causing the GT-R to dip) was believed the cause of the lip ripping off the vehicle as seen in the video. Ivan Phipps, our mechanic and driver of the Alpha Omega worked quickly to replace the lip, under tray and bumper so that we could make another pass.

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