alpha vr38 r35 gtr billet block

Alpha R35 GT-R VR38 Pro Billet Block

Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Pro Billet Series Block Upgrade This is the most highly anticipated product release in our 15 year history! We have successfully applied our race-winning experience to the R35 GT-R’s VR38 V-6 to bring you the pinnacle of GT-R engine blocks. Introducing the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Pro Billet Series Block Upgrade! By developing an Alpha proprietary aerospace […]


We hoped that it would never come to this but sadly we are forced to make this post.  Well over three years ago we sought out to develop a billet block for the GT-R. We could have simply copied the stock design and replicated it here in house, but with many areas open to be improved, we wanted to start with a fresh approach. After discussions with several companies we settled on a shop and struck up an exclusivity agreement. They had experience with billet blocks and were somewhat local so we thought we would be in good hands. The whole story is long and enough to make your head spin but we will try to shorten things up. Read More

AMS/ALPHA Performance Engineering update: Billet VR38 Short Block

Behind the scenes here at AMS we are always working on something, be it a new platform, new parts, services etc. I have talked about our new intake manifold briefly and I hope to release some updates on that by Monday but for now I wanted to talk about an update to our R35 ALPHA Engine Program: The ALPHA R35 VR38 Billet Short Block.

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