Alpha G world record run.

AMS Alpha GT-R Captures World Record

Alpha Runs for the Record As morning broke over the eastern horizon at Milan Dragway, near Detroit, the sun’s yellow rays fell upon the starting tower. Everything was covered in a light blue hue muting the vibrant colors of fall. The Alpha Performance Team along with their Diamonds by Wire driver Gidi Chamdi had arrived the night before to […]

NEW Small Frame Gen II GTX Turbochargers

Produce up to 20% More Horsepower Garrett by Honeywell and AMS are excited to announce the release of their Gen II GTX Series turbochargers. The GTX2860R, GTX2867R, GTX3071R, GTX3076R, GTX3576R, as well as the GTX3582R are included in the release. The line received a major compressor wheel aero update that gives it the ability to produce up to 20% more horsepower than the previous […]

Recognizing Greatness: AMS/ALPHA Performance Elite

Since the day we began releasing AMS & ALPHA products, our customers have been putting them to the test. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers not only using our products but chasing and breaking records with them. We wanted to recognize these achievements and for this reason, we have initiated two awards programs here at AMS Performance: The AMS Performance Elite and Alpha Performance Elite.


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Jury Takes Top Honors Again: Unlim 500+ Euro Training Day

Unlim 500+ Greece

This past weekend the Unlim 500+ had its first ever off site training day on the small Greek island of Crete. The event was held at an airport with a view – Mountains in front and on either side with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. There were 19 participants at this practice, 6 cars from Europe and the rest from Russia with all of the big names in attendance.


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Alpha 12 GT1R by T1 Race Development


Shawn Beard’s Alpha 12 GT1R by T1 Race Developments

Alpha dealer, Texas based T1 Race Development recently built and tested their latest Alpha 12 powered R35 GT-R for their customer Shawn Beard. The results were astounding.

On their second test pass the car clicked off an amazing 8.77 @ 168mph. This is a true testament to the capability to the T1 GT-R program.
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AMS Black Evo VIII From Florida Throwback

Anybody remember back in 2004/2005 when a particular AMS built black Evo 8 from Florida was terrorizing the streets and destroying anything in its path? Chris would line up against anything, Mustangs, Corvettes, Vipers etc. and blow their doors off, sometimes with 4 people in the car! The AMS staff hadn’t watched these videos in quite some time, but as soon as we did a lot of memories came flooding in. A fun fact: when these videos were made, YouTube did not exist!
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Halloween, the perfect time for a video about the World’s Fastest Hearse. AMS “Madness” sets a new top speed record of over 160mph at the Chicago WannaGoFast 1/2 mile.

The AMS Hearse Madness is not your typical entry in any competition, let alone a standing half mile race. Madness took everyone by surprise when it pulled into the staging lanes, and then really blew their mind when it clicked off a 161.4mph half mile. This AMS built turbocharged dead sled is pumping out over 900HP on 20psi of boost through a stock GM LS V-8 6.0L longblock. The data logger attached to Madness during the record run showed an impressive 2.9 second 0-60 and 6.49 second 60-130mph time on the Bult Field airport runway in Monee IL.

Stay tuned for the next video coming soon of this 5000+lb behemoth featuring a 9 second quarter mile blast!
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Ryan Gates 311RS 4B11 Engine Block Build Time-lapse Video

Ryan Gates 311RS Time Attack Evolution X is back at AMS for a refresh to prepare for the 2013 Super Lap Battle finals in November. Ryan’s AMS 2.2L Big Bore 4B11 Crate Engine has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and rebuilt to assure maximum performance and reliability. Here is a time-lapse of his engine block being […]