Return to Norwalk, Race for the Championship

OVER ONE MILLION VIEWS The last image that anyone has of Gidi from last year’s 2015 Buschur Shootout is when, at the 1/8 mile pole, blue smoke started pouring out from his quick blue Nissan GT-R. The issue, an oil line. It had burst spilling the slippery black substance in front of the racer’s tires. What […]

2500whp ALPHA G ready for take-off!

*Video* Alpha G Nissan R35 GT-R Drag Testing: Just Getting Started

Alpha G R35 GTR Burnout

Diamonds by Wire Alpha G R35 GTR

Things have been pretty busy here at AMS and while we would love to go out racing every weekend, we have to pick our battles carefully trying to balance it out with all of the engineering and shop work. With the Chicago weather finally cooperating thankfully we were able to make time for a track outing to do some testing of the new 2500whp capable ALPHA G R35 GT-R.
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Ain’t Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang – Gidi’s “ALPHA G” R35 GT-R

We are very excited to announce Gidi’s new build – the ALPHA G R35 GTR. Few people in the GT-R world haven’t at least heard the name Gidi or Gideon. He has become ingrained in R35 folklore as one of the most passionate GT-R fanatics in the world. Gidi has had almost every iteration of Alpha Package installed on one of his cars at some point. He started with an Alpha 10 graduating to the Alpha 12, Alpha 16 and eventually the same turbo system as Alpha Omega, the Alpha 20. Each of these cars he has raced in multiple venues from drag racing to roll racing to standing half mile. Gidi doesn’t build cars to just cruise out on the streets, he wants to race them. He probably has more seat time in competition under his belt than anyone in the GT-R scene. Read More