Alpha Performance CLA 45 AMG

AMS Alpha Sets New CLA World Record!

Alpha CLA 45 AMG runs wild at Byron Alpha Performance is very proud to announce that we have captured the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG world record in the quarter mile! With an incredible run of 11.68 at 117 miles per hour AMS launched itself into the top spot as the quickest and fastest CLA 45 AMG. The […]


Alpha Performance CLA/GLA/A 45

  Mercedes-Benz CLA/GLA/A 45 AMG, Progression is Only Natural As Alpha Performance set out to explore performance parts for the Mercedes-Benz CLA/GLA/A 45 AMG series we put the full weight of our years of research experience behind the project. We discovered that our dedicated AMS Performance Mitsubishi Evolution owners and other customers were looking at the Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG […]

Recognizing Greatness: AMS/ALPHA Performance Elite

Since the day we began releasing AMS & ALPHA products, our customers have been putting them to the test. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers not only using our products but chasing and breaking records with them. We wanted to recognize these achievements and for this reason, we have initiated two awards programs here at AMS Performance: The AMS Performance Elite and Alpha Performance Elite.


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Flex Fuel Alpha 10 Goes 8.83@157

photo 4

While we are frozen in the mid-west, Alpha customer Gideon is out enjoying his flex-fuel Alpha 10 at the dragstrip in sunny California! Gideon dipped into the 8’s back in November, becoming the second Alpha 10 to break the 9 second barrier.
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