Dave Bruzewski EVO VIII – 1st Place at SLOMOTION Mitsubishi vs Subaru Track Event

Last winter, Dave Bruzewski began work upgrading with his 2.3RR Evo VIII build in order to make it more competitive for the 2015 racing season. A bit wary throughout the changes because the old setup was extremely consistent. With over 400 drag passes without a single change, it was dialed in and consistent. In order to achieve the same consistency with his new, more powerful setup, getting to the track throughout the year was crucial and he had to make passes…lots of passes! Read More

ALPHA OMEGA: The World’s Quickest & Fastest R35 GT-R

With the Texas Speed Syndicate King of the Streets victory in the books, it was time once again to focus on the drag strip for our shop R35 GT-R ALPHA OMEGA. OMEGA bas been doing its part to really test our Alpha VR38 Billet Block Program. Typically, at these high power levels, anyone in the game knows that the engine is like a grenade with the pin pulled out.  We realized a while back we were surpassing the limits of the factory VR38 engine block.  Read More

AMS Participates In Cal’s Angels Charity Ride

This past weekend at the Iron Gate Motor Condos International Auto Show we had the opportunity to participate in “Cal’s Riders”, an event which gives rides in exotic and other sports cars to kids with or recovering from pediatric cancer. This charity event is part of Cal’s Angels, a local charity to us here at AMS. This charity really hits close to home as it is based around Cal Sutter, a boy who was a childhood friend of one of our employees who lost his battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia back in 2006. Read More