AMS Performance Volkswagen Golf R Parts COMING SOON!

Volkswagen MKVII Golf R owners can expect parts from AMS Spring 2016!

Throughout 2016, AMS Performance will be introducing two new product lines – one for the highly anticipated Ford Focus RS and the other for the Volkswagen MKVII Golf R currently available throughout the world. With Mitsubishi no longer making the Evolution, it was important for us to research new vehicles in order to fill the void under the AMS brand. Both the Golf R and Focus RS were chosen for their excellent power potential as well as fit within our criteria of AWD, forced induction performance. Read More

Alpha 9 CLS63/E63 AMG: 4 Door Supercar Killer

The Alpha 9 CLS63 and E63 AMG Performance Package turns your 4 door sedan into a supercar killer. A package delivering over 800HP on pump gas with 10 second quarter mile times offers plenty of performance to put almost any modern supercar in its place! Read More