Dragtimes Video From 12th Moscow Unlim 500+

12th Moscow Unlim 500+ Dragtimes footage is starting to roll out from the 12th Moscow Unlim 500+. You can FF to 7:36 to watch the Alpha 16 GT-R segment but we highly recommend watching the entire video – it has amazing cinematography, cars and girls! Dmitry’s White Alpha 16 wont the event and put down […]

Alpha Ronin GT-R at Goldrush Rally: GR6

Goldrush Rally GR6 We had the opportunity to meet up with the Goldrush Rally crew as they made their way through Chicago on the GR6 tour this year. One stop on their itinerary was No Limit Raceway since it was conveniently located one their route to Ohio. This was not the best of drag strip […]

AMS Alpha 16 R35 GT-R Delivered to Russia – Dominates Dragtimes Unlim 500+ Event!!!

AMS would like to congratulate Alpha 16 GT-R owner, Dmitry S. for winning the Dragtimes Unlim 500+/Stage 12 Event held last weekend!

AMS Alpha 16 Nissan R35 GT-R (White) – Dmitry S, Owner & Driver

  • 1st Place – Super Sport AWD Class!
  • Quickest and Fastest Car of the Event!

¼ mile ET – 8.839 seconds

¼ mile speed – 279.28kmh / 173.54mph

1 kilometer ET – 15.50 seconds

1 kilometer ET with Reaction time – 15.781 seconds

1 kilometer speed – 355.38kmh / 220.82mph

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