Dave Bruzewski Wins Import Face Off Forced Induction Sport Class in Columbus!

Customer Dave Bruzewski took his 777hp AMS powered Evo 8 to the Columbus Import Face Off event this past weekend and entered the Forced Induction Sport class. The FIS class had a strong turnout, over 25 cars in qualifying with the top 16 advancing to eliminations. After a quick plug swap and clutch bleed, Dave was able to secure the #1 spot with a 10.5 second pass.

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Alpha Performance GT-R Factory Replacement Oil Cooler

Alpha Performance GT-R High Volume Oil Cooler

The Solution For Replacing The Costly Factory Oil Cooler

The stock R35 GT-R oil cooler (p/n 21305-JF02B) retails at an astonishing $5133.00! When we saw that price we knew we had to create a solution. As usual, our engineering team had some unique ideas to make an oil cooler upgrade which was easy to install, more efficient and most importantly affordable for our customers.
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Alpha Omega Runs 207.56MPH at Texas Invitational

This past weekend, we finally had the opportunity to test our ALPHA OMEGA GT-R in her latest form. Over the winter, we upped the power with our new ALPHA 20 turbo system and increased traction with a new set of 15Ē drag radials and slicks. Since TX2K14 was rained out, and due to the frigid weather back in Chicago, the Texas Invitational (TI) would be our first time running the car on the new setup.
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AMS Madness Resets Hearse World Record With 9 Second Pass!

After our success running 161mph on the stock GM 6.0L on 20 psi of boost at the Chicago WannaGoFast half mile race in early June 2013, AMSí Tuner Chris Black crept up on the tune dialing up the boost for the next quarter mile outing. The goal was to run a 9 second pass on the stock engine. As Larry Hamilton the Madness project manager pointed out surely many people have run this much boost and gone faster on stock LS engines but this full weight Hearse hits the scales at more than 5000 lbs. making it quite an accomplishment especially since we specialize in Japanese and German cars. Read More

High Altitude Alpha 10 GT-R Goes 9.42@152MPH

Alpha Performance customer Rick Ansay drove his privately built Alpha 10 powered GT-R to Pueblo Motorsports Park this past weekend and ran a new personal best of 9.42@152MPH becoming the quickest GT-R in CO. A very impressive accomplishment considering the dragstrips density altitude was almost a mile above sea level! Rick’s GT-R ran consistent 9.4X passes all night, then he drove it home, 1.5 hours to Denver without a hitch!
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Product feature: Alpha Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler Kit


Our Alpha Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler Kit has been out for almost a year now with the 997.2TT variant soon to be released. It is still the most complete intercooler kit you can find for your Porsche 997.1TT. It had to be in order to extract every benefit we could muster. This includes the largest production intercoolers on the market; carbon fiber intercooler ducts; high volume 4-ply/reinforced silicone couplers; and a large 2.5 inch cast aluminum y-pipe.

Alpha Performance Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler Kit

Porsche 997TT owners -† with summer coming, try not to forget that ambient air drawn into your 997TT’s induction system can be hot to begin with. . . but when this sweltering hot air is compressed by the twin turbocharger system, charged air temps can get hot enough to slow cook a prime rib roast.

Our design significantly reduces charged air temperatures while increasing air flow throughout your induction system. With it, you can expect noticeably improved performance while reducing the chance of experiencing knock, detonation or even engine failure.

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