OMEGA: The History & Future of the Flagship Alpha GT-R

Alpha GT-Rs were the world’s first R35 GT-Rs to complete a 9, 8 and 7 second pass in the 1/4 mile. After we reached into the 8’s with the Alpha 12, we needed a dedicated test vehicle to develop parts and push the boundaries of the R35 GT-R platform while remaining truly streetable – and […]

ALPHA 16 Build: 1600whp Texas Style

Pushing boundaries is second nature at AMS, whether it’s through our own R&D on OMEGA or applying that learned knowledge to a customer driven project that sets the bar a bit higher. ALPHA Performance customer Mike fits the latter category. Living in Texas, he is no stranger to fast cars or pushing the limits. Mike’s automotive history is impressive with multiple Top 5 Texas Mile finishes, awards for most runs over 200 MPH, as well as wins in both SCCA & NASA sanctioned races. His stable is just as impressive with 1100+ HP Porsches, GT3 Cup Cars, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and even a Brass Monkey World Challenge GT-R. The only thing missing was a High Horsepower GT-R.

Mike wanted a car capable of running with the fastest cars in the world at events like the Texas Invitational, Texas Mile, TX2K as well as cruises with his buddies on the Texas highways. In his words, “there was only one shop to call, one shop that could build the GT-R that I envisioned”, Mike called AMS.

Having heard Mike’s goals we set out on a plan…The ALPHA 16 kit. The ALPHA 16 system was born from our shop development GT-R ALPHA OMEGA. Using what OMEGA has shown the GT-R to be capable of, our engineers dug in to create a more polished version of what OMEGA was equipped with.

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