Sergey’s Porsche 997.1 Twin Turbo at the Unlim 500+

On Sept 14/15 Alpha Performance customer Sergey Ignatko competed in the Moscow Unlim 500+ with his Porsche 997.1TT. Sergey recently installed our 997 Porsche Intercooler kit which gave him a nice increase in horsepower from the lower intake temps! He set a new Unlim 500+ pump fuel ET record with a 24.8 on Day 1 then drained the tank and switched to race fuel. He made two more passes ending up with a best time of 24.0. Sergey was planning on installing the drag radials and raising the boost on day two but unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and he was unable to make a pass. Check out his full story below! Please forgive his English, it’s not his first language.


It all started on Monday on September 9 when Ryan arrived, tuner and co-owner of Syvecs England to tune some fast cars on the Syvecs. Almost every night he and I went to the highway and set up the car, the results of 98 gasoline were as follows:

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Alpha10 R8 Spyder: A Two Week, 6,000mi Cross Country Road Trip

Recently R8 forum member ‘achan’ took his Twin Turbo Alpha 10 R8 Sypder on a 6,000 mile road trip from New York to Vegas and back over the course of two weeks. Here are his thoughts on the journey:

AMS Twin Turbo R8 Spyder – Cross Country Road Trip

I had some extended free time lately so one day, on a whim, I decided to take my AMS powered twin-turbo R8 on a cross country road trip. I drove roughly 6k miles in total over a span of two weeks. I’ve include a map of the basic route that I took below. While the original plan was to also spend a week driving through California, but time did not permit I now envy those of you who live out west, particularly Colorado/Utah where I witnessed some of the best driving roads and scenery I have ever seen. Read More

311RS #01: On Track and In Depth

#On Track and In Depth

Last week we took 311RS #01 to Monticello Motor Club for it’s maiden voyage on track. This was our first track time in a production unit, big day for 311RS! We’ve been tweaking, dialing, and fine tuning the setup for these cars since late 2011. After a 60,000 mile development period with our #00 prototype to satisfy our requirements, we’ve gone ahead and built a production unit to further prove the concept. #01 features most of the final production details and it has a good amount of the options we offer, making it a nice showcase for our program as we push towards full 11 unit production this October. Read More

Alpha Performance 5.5 Kompressor Pulley/Tune Available

The W211 5.5 Kompressor engine makes great power from the factory. When you bought your AMG, punching the throttle put a big ear-to-ear smile on your face, but as time goes on that feeling fades away as you become used to the power. Bring back that feeling with an Alpha 5.5 Kompressor Tune & Crank Pulley Upgrade! This simple and safe modification will net you another 100HP!! Read More

AWD Motorsports Alpha 9 GT-R Sets Stock Manifold Record

The fastest Alpha 9 car just got a bit faster! The AWD Motorsports GT-R just ran a 9.02 @ 152.99 mph! Mike recently installed the Alpha Drag Wheel/Tire combo and looking at their 60? time, they are gripping very well! Congratulations Mike and all other parties involved, we hope to see an 8 second alpha […]