Having the right wheel & tire setup for your R35 GT-R not only improves consistency and performance at the drag strip, itís also one of the most important purchases you can make to ensure the safety of your GT-Rís expensive transmission and drivetrain. If you are serious about ľ mile drag racing, it is certainly […]

AMS/Alpha Performance named Plex Tuningís Exclusive North American Distributor

AMS/Alpha Performance named Plex Tuningís Exclusive North American Distributor

The PBC Pro boost controller is a bit different from your typical EBC. With the optional OBD cable, it plugs directly into your OBD CAN BUS, giving it the ability to display factory sensor information on the controllerís large screen Ė up to 8 parameters at once! PBC Pro can also control boost based off of the factory sensors which Plex calls 6 dimensional boost control, boost based off gear, RPM, speed, throttle position and air temperature sensors.

Other than controlling boost, the PBC Pro has a bunch of other useful features such as an EGT meter, OBD parameter display, Wideband A/F, Oil/Air temp, NOS or Aux Control and a shift light. Read More

AWD Motorsports Set ALPHA 9 1/4 Mile Record

Big congratulations to Mike and the AWD Motorsports crew. They recently took their Alpha 9 GT-R to the strip and set a new Alpha 9 ET record: 9.293 and trap speed record: 150.7mph! The AWD Motorsports Alpha 9 GT-R is equipped with: AMS Alpha 9 Stock Manifold Turbos AMS Race FMIC w/ Suction Kit AMS […]

Robb Report Best Extreme-Performance Car 2013: Alpha12

Best of the Best 2013: Speciality Vehicles: Extreme-Performance Car: AMS Alpha 12 GT-R

JUNE 01, 2013

Not content with your 2013 Nissan GT-Rís factory 545 hp rating? Not to worry. AMS Performance, a 12-year-old tuning company in West Chicago, Ill., offers the Alpha 12 enhancement package. For $99,000 (plus the approximately $100,000 price of a stock GT-R), AMS increases the engineís displacement from 3.8 liters to 4 and upgrades the carís intake, engine-management, and exhaust systems so that the vehicle produces 1,100 hp on pump gas and 1,500 hp on racing fuel. When running on the latter, the Alpha 12 blasts from zero to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds and then on to 130 mph in about 3.5 seconds more. Read More

Alpha Performance Auto Shift Box for R35 GT-R

Alpha R35 GT-R Auto Shift Box

Alpha R35 GT-R Auto Shift Box
As you modify your GT-R it can become difficult to time your shifts in manual mode due to the sheer power and quickness these cars can achieve. To solve this problem we developed the Alpha GT-R Auto Shift Box as preprogrammed shifting unit custom tailored to the specific RPM you want your GT-R to upshift. Read More

Dave Bruzewski Wins Modified Street Car Shootout!

Long time great friend and AMS Performance customer, Dave Bruzewski, recently won the 2013 Modified Magazine Street Car Shootout with his 2004 EVO VIII! In this Modified Magazine competition sponsored by Continental Tires, a total of 15 teams compete against one another in a multi-event competition consisting of a dyno, autocross, time attack and a […]

Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Package

The Alpha R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Package shaves 62lbs of rotating mass AND improves the braking capabilities of your GT-R. This is the perfect brake kit if you drag race, road race or have a high powered street GT-R! QUICKER ACCELERATION AND IMPROVED BRAKING Carbon Ceramic Brakes (CCB) evolved from Formula 1 racing and […]