Jury Wins The 10th Anniversary Moscow Unlim 500+ With A 237 mph Standing Mile!

More footage from the Moscow Unlim 500+  standing mile event keeps rolling in. This video shows an ESS powered M5 taking down a few adversaries and at the 3:20 mark Jury lines up with his record setting ALPHA 12 GT-R to face this impressive German machine.   Jury took home top honors winning the following […]

Alpha 9 GT-R Runs a 9.30 @ 144.3mph. 1.40 60’ Time!

Congratulations to our customer, JJ, for putting down the quickest 1/4 mile pass for an ALPHA 9 GT-R to date with a 9.305!  On this run he blasted off a super impressive 1.40 60 foot time. This is a tried and true ALPHA 9 GT-R running on E85 built and tuned right here at AMS / ALPHA performance.

This was done just a week after JJ was hot lapping his R35 at the WannaGoFast standing half mile shootout where the car made a 180mph blast!  It has been great to see him out enjoying the car he has built.


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ShepTrans ALPHA 12 Powered GT-R Breaks World Record!!

This past Tuesday transmission guru John Shepherd took his ALPHA 12 powered GT-R to the track for some software testing. Thanks to the new transmission components and software refinements John was finally able to show what his car was capable of. Not only did John break the record for any ALPHA 12 but he broke the overall ET record for ANY R35 GT-R beating the longstanding time of our shop ALPHA OMEGA GT-R set back in March of 2012. Running 5 back to back 8 second passes, John was able to clip off an 8.61@170mph setting a new R35 GT-R ET record!  What’s even more impressive is this comes just a little over a week after his 200mph run at the Wanna Go Fast ½ Mile Challenge!! Read More