AMS/ALPHA Performance M157 Upgraded Turbos – 787WHP!

AMS/ALPHA Performance M157 Upgraded Turbos – 787WHP! A while back we announced our entry into the Mercedes market along side of our shops new E63 AMG Outside of our stock ECU Tune we have remained relatively quiet while we worked diligently behind the scenes on new hardware and power options for the M157 engine. ECU […]

VIDEO: MotorTrend WOT Follow-up Discussion on the Alpha 12 GT-R

  In this episode of MotorTrendís Wide Open Throttle, Carlos Lago does a follow-up on his review of the Alpha 12 GT-R with host Jessi Lang and other MotorTrend editors in a round table discussion. The Alpha 12 GT-R was one of the quickest accelerating cars MotorTrend has ever tested and quite possibly the quickest […]

AMS/ALPHA Performance Engineering update: Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold

As we spoke of earlier about our billet block we wanted to shed some light on our upcoming GT-R Intake manifold. While our current manifold works and works well we knew it was somewhat of a compromise compared to what we are capable of. Rather than not have an option we choose to offer our customers our current intake manifold while we finished up our production unit. Here is a sneak peek at our soon to be released ALPHA Carbon Intake Manifold:

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AMS/ALPHA Performance Engineering update: Billet VR38 Short Block

Behind the scenes here at AMS we are always working on something, be it a new platform, new parts, services etc. I have talked about our new intake manifold briefly and I hope to release some updates on that by Monday but for now I wanted to talk about an update to our R35 ALPHA Engine Program: The ALPHA R35 VR38 Billet Short Block.

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Fabrication/Manufacturing Manager Wanted

Fabrication/Manufacturing Manager Wanted This is what you’ve been looking for – Come work for one of the most renowned performance parts manufacturers in Motorsports.† It’s a dream job for anyone who wants to be on a winning team who always stays one step ahead of the competition. We are looking for a motivated and talented […]

**Video Debut** New World Record for the Quickest and Fastest Hearse: AMS “Madness”

AMS Performance World's Fastest & Quickest Hearse

With the Hearse finally up and running we had little time to spare to get in some testing.† Chris Black whipped up a last minute tune on 93 octane the night before he left on a tuning trip in Hawaii and just days before our first track testing date.† The car made 510whp on our Mustang Dyno with 93 octane on 14 psi through an open converter.† Since I only wanted to do some shakedown passes I figured we could leave the power at that level.

Thankfully we lucked out with some mild November weather with temperatures around 50 degrees for Madness’ maiden voyage down the quarter mile at Byron Dragway.† For my first pass I just wanted to make sure the car tracked straight so I eased it out of the hole and ran the car down the track for a shakedown pass.† The car felt really solid, and I was blown away that I ran 11.7 on my first pass.† This was just .1 off the world record set by the “Stiff Shifter” Hearse in Tasmania, Australia and it was just my first pass! Read More