ALPHA 12 on Bloomberg TV Last Night!

Recently we met with Bloomberg News auto journalist Jason Harper in northern Michigan for an ALPHA 12 test session. Thanks to a nice wide open private runway we were able to let Jason open up the ALPHA 12 on its pump gas and race gas horsepower levels. Bloomberg released a nice article about the day […]

Bloomberg news and TV cover the ALPHA 12… 214 MPH VIDEO!

Bloomberg recently visited us at a private runway in northern Michigan. We allowed test driver Jason Harper the honors of driving the ALPHA 12 on pump gas as well as race gas. Here is the article:…gh-200-mph.html And Here is a short video they have released so far:…-r-214-mph.html Tonight at 8pm ET there will […]

AutoBlog reviews the AMS Alpha 12!

AMS Alpha 12 GT-R: “Stupid fast? No, it was much faster than that.” Last month, AMS president – Martin Musial, sales manager – Eric Gaudi and our special projects technician – Ivan Phipps brought the shop’s Alpha 12 GT-R out to California for a review with Autoblog.  The question that Autoblog editor, Michael Harley wanted […]

Another 1300+ WHP ALPHA GT-R Ready for delivery… Oh and its CHROME!

Things have been pretty crazy here lately at the shop. When the summer rolls around at AMS you hardly have time to breathe or appreciate the amazing things going on around the shop. 1000-1200whp GT-Rs seem to pop up left and right around here. One can easily pass them by in the shuffle. Sometimes you have to just stop and take it in though… this car COMMANDS you to.

At the request of the GT-R owner we will leave his name and details out but the car hails from the Ukraine. Our dealer Andrey from Topspeed performance Ukraine arranged for this monster to be built by AMS. When I heard the details on the car I was pretty excited. The customer wanted something unique. He wanted nothing short of a weapon. The ALPHA 12 and even 12+ was not enough. He wanted something bigger. We were able to outfit his car with a larger set of turbo’s than what is traditionally found on the Alpha 12. Due to their spool time we don’t have them in our lineup as we feel they are a bit laggy for everyday use. This customer however wanted a straight line monster so he was willing to give up some response in exchange for top end power.

The end result was 1300 plus WHP on C16 and over 1050 WHP on 93 octane!

* please note the wavy lines are a result of the Dodson FWD clutch packs this particular car has installed. On the street the power is transitioned perfectly but on our dyno it has this output effect.

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AMS Enters SCCA Racing

As a company built on pushing the limits of speed and power, it was only a matter of time before AMS would re-enter the competitive racing circuit; this time, with its President, Martin Musial, at the wheel. 

Piloting a 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X with 350 horsepower, Musial received his SCCA National License in the T2 class this Spring after completing SCCA driver’s training and races at Blackhawk Farms, Heartland Park of Topeka, Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis and Milwaukee Mile.  Musial will compete for the first time on a national level at this weekend’s June Sprints at Road America in Elkhart, Wisconsin. 

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AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 10

The progress has slowed a bit due to the unseasonably warm weather causing the 2012 spring rush in the shop to be a bit busier than normal. This has had the techs very busy on customer’s cars.

We are building a custom fan shroud for the Taurus fan and once it is done the Hearse will be on the dyno.  This will most likely be completely by the time you are reading this.

 We have still made a lot of progress with the help of Lance and Shane. We addressed the suspension to get the car lower for both appearance and stability via Eibach lowering springs. We also wanted to further address handling so we chose sway bars from Frederico which are a massive 1 3/8 Front and 1 ½ Rear We are sure the Hearse will handle quite well.

The next area was shocks and we chose Strange Engineering single adjustable fronts and double adjustable rears. The final step was rear control arms to get pinion angle in order as well as replace worn bushings. We looked to Metco for a set of their adjustable uppers and alum lowers. .

We chose to add Air Lift air bags to the rear springs for the sake of leveling out the car in the case of hauling some extra weight in the form of a casket.

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