Coming Soon: ALPHA R35 GT-R *Race* Intercooler

The Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler is the best performing most efficient race intercooler on the market! This is the same design found on our 8 second Alpha 12 and Alpha Omega GT-R Ė both of which have broken more GT-R performance records than any other R35 GT-R in the world! For those running in excess of 900HP (800whp), this intercooler is a must. Heat soak and extreme charge temperatures are a restricting factor when trying to obtain consistent safe results out of your high horsepower GT-R.

The Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler maintains the factory intercooler shroud while maximizing the available area of the GT-R with a massive bar and plate core. This race intercooler not only provides more surface area, itís also thicker than our standard intercooler upgrade Ė providing even more contact with cool, dense air entering into the front grill of your GT-R. It also offers a much higher fin density than most cores for improved cooling, yet pressure drop is almost non-existent (less than 1psi). The end tanks provide smooth tapered transitions from intake to intercooler piping for efficient air flow.

If your GT-R makes 900 horsepower or more (800whp), the Alpha GT-R Race Intercooler is the best choice for keeping your charge temperatures running cool as well as providing a notable gain in power.

Pricing is not yet determined but it even with its size it should be very competitive price wise with the other larger offerings on the market.

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Coming Soon: ALPHA GT-R Complete Cooling System


The GT-Rís engine and transmission share the same cooling system. Thus, prolonged or adverse driving conditions may cause components in the engine or transmission to overheat. This will ultimately cause the GT-R to fall into limp mode or shut down. As a solution, AMS engineers have spent the past year testing and developing a state-of-the art cooling solution for your R35 GT-R.

The Alpha GT-R Cooling System upgrades the R35 GT-Rís current engine cooling system with a quality race spec radiator and adds an extremely efficient transmission cooler and in-line oil cooler. Our engineers designed a higher volume radiator that routes coolant to both engine and transmission coolers. Another key component is the high volume liquid-to-liquid transmission cooler. The cylindrical design of the heat exchanger within the cooler maximizes contact area between coolant and transmission fluid through thousands of heat dissipating fins. This design offers 20% more cooling efficiency than a traditional style radiator cooler.

Excessive heat can cause oil to break down. To ensure the oil within your GT-Rís engine maintains its necessary lubricating properties, we integrated an in-line oil cooler to provide support to the stock oil cooler. Using the driverís side duct next to the intercooler shroud, we nearly double the frontal area exposed to cool dense outside air – drastically reducing oil temperatures prior to it returning to the engine.

Regardless of what type of performance modifications you have, hard driving or warm climate conditions will cause your GT-R to run hot. Youíll need the Alpha GT-R Cooling System to keep your operating temperatures down, prevent limp mode conditions and eliminate the possibility of catastrophic engine or transmission failure.

Here are some photos of the system:

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AMS + Mclaren MP4-12C

We have a local customer of ours and good friend that is nothing short of a car nut! His collection would even get the nod from the likes of Mr Leno himself. His latest addition is this GORGEOUS Mclaren MP4-12C.

The pictures truly do this car no justice.

Plans are as you have guessed… tune, then a whole bunch more.

3084 lbs
Twin turbo 3.8 V8
That sounds like one heck of a platform to play with..

Please enjoy these pictures:

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AMS tunes the new Mercedes 5.5 biturbo engine

Not long ago the shop picked up a new 2012 Mercedes E63 AMG 5.5 biturbo development car. Over the past couple of months Mitch and Chris (AMS Tuners) have been working inside our new European Tuning division of AMS called Archetype tuning Using our in house software they were able to remap our E63 and […]

AMS Alpha 12 GT-R: 9.61@149mph R35 Pump Gas Record

Friday May 4th 2012 We had the opportunity to take one of our ALPHA 12 GT-R's to the track for some testing. This particular ALPHA 12 had just come home from a very in depth media trip to California. In fact it still had its 91 octane tune loaded in. Our tuners Chris and Mitch […]