1000+ WHP on 93 octane! Tim sanders ALPHA 12+ GT-R

Tim’s GT-R is nothing short of a monster. In preparation for its final delivery AMS tuner Chris Black has been finishing up Tim’s tunes. Earlier this week he put down 1265whp on C16 spinning the tires on the dyno despite having 5 people sitting in it. Today Chris decided to finish Tim’s 93 octane map. […]

New Big Power Parts & Performance Packages Available for Your Evolution X From AMSPerformance

Over the past few years we have been making many improvements to the Evolution X platform.  After our Championship wins in the Redline Time Attack Series of 2009, we focused on making an even more potent engine and turbo package for the street and track.

We experimented with numerous engine configurations and turbos to find the ultimate combination of power and response. After a grueling test period we made our selections: The end result was even more power and better spool-up times than ever before!

AMS Evolution TDX Package:  The Culmination Of All The Latest Technology

For the ultimate in street and road course performance and the results of ALL of  our latest developments, we bring you the AMS Evolution TDX Package. This series of performance upgrades boasts a massive 2.4 liters of displacement for that extra low-end torque to accelerate out of turns with ease. We complimented this powerplant with our new 900XP V-band Turbo Kit and our EVO X CNC Ported Cylinder Head to give you all the power of our Championship Winning Time Attack Evolution X plus more!

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AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 9

Wow!  We have made some serious progress over the last month! The dedication of the guys during holidays, vacations, nights and weekends is really bringing the Hearse to life.

Shane, Lance & Greg were able to get the final prep done and the rear section of the 1 ¾ roll bar completed over our Christmas break. The guys will be completing the bar with removable door bars after the car is up and running.

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