*AMS Product Release* AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit
AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit

Imagine pressing your clutch pedal at a stop light and it just sticks to the floor.  You’re stuck sitting in traffic and can’t move. A broken stock clutch master cylinder is an embarrassing and dangerous situation that you will probably face if you have an aftermarket clutch installed. To prevent a failure like this from happening, the AMS EVO X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit is a must for your Evolution X!

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AMS Archetype tune on a 2004 Bentley Continental GT

2004 Bentley Continental GT

Over the past year we’ve been developing our in-house European ECU tuning capabilities. While there are a lot of companies offering ‘tunes’ for European cars, only a handful actually develop their own tunes from scratch. Most companies just resell generic tuning files and have no experience or knowledge of how to calibrate an engine. AMS has been tuning cars on the dyno, at the track, and at rally stages for well over 10 years now. The knowledge we’ve gained from in depth stand alone ECU engine tuning and also what we’ve learned from our own engine development programs now gets translated in our new line of European tuning. A great example of this is tuning philosophy shows in the recent tune we did for a 2004 Bentley Continental GT.

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Look out Philly! Leo’s 1059whp ALPHA 10 GT-R is on it’s way.

A little while ago Leo contacted AMS to upgrade his bolt on turbo stock engine GT-R to an ALPHA 10 Package.  Leo's car has been in several online videos advertised as an ALPHA 9 but in actuality he was running a turbo smaller then we use for our ALPHA 9 kit. None the less it was time for an upgrade and he went BIG!

In addition to our FULL ALPHA 10 package Leo wanted a little bump in power. Rather than pulling the trigger on an ALPHA 12 he added our ported throttle bodies and our prototype intake manifold. The results were AWESOME! In fact it's the highest HP ALPHA 10 TO DATE!!!!

Leo's Alpha 12 R35 GTR

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ALPHA 12 is GT Spirits Tuning Car of the Year!

We got an email this morning from Des Sellmeijer Cheif Editor at www.gtspirit.com congratulating us on being their 2011 “Tuning car of The Year”. There were five awards given in total that can be viewed here. Thanks to everyone that voted!

AMS/ALPHA GT-R parts now available in Japan at Tokyo Auto Salon

Recently AMS was contacted by Tomei to ask permission to distribute our products in Japan.  Coming from such a great tuner we were honored for the opportunity.  Now thanks to Garage G-Force (http://www.gf-eng.co.jp/) you can now source AMS and ALPHA GT-R parts in Japan.

Here are some images from the Tokyo Auto Salon where AMS products were on display

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*AMS Product Release* AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Turbo Tuner Kit

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Turbo Tuner Kit

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Turbo Tuner Kit 

If you already own a Precision Turbo v- band turbocharger and would like to revise or design your own v-band turbo system, we now offer the AMS EVO VII-IX Turbo Tuner Kit. This kit will provide you the key components essential to improving exhaust flow and maximizing the performance of your Precision Turbo v-band turbocharger. Such pieces include our cast exhaust manifold, O2 housing and downpipe.

AMS’ latest Endeavor: Mercedes 5.5L Twin Turbo Platform

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Just before Christmas we made the leap into what will be our next platform. There were a lot of options available to us but at the end of the day the most attractive looked to be the new Mercedes 5.5L Twin turbo line.

With gobs of displacement and two turbos hanging off of it the potential for big power is massive.

One of the big developments at AMS over the late 2011 season was our tuning department. Our tuners Chris Black and Mitch McKee spent some time overseas training on new software and tools needed for our tuning department. Hundreds of hours were spent in house decoding ECU files and maps to unlock new avenues in ECU tuning here at AMS. With this new knowledge and tool set we are now able to tune just about every european ECU in house here at AMS. These new abilities will prove invaluable in our development of the Mercedes performance packages. Read More

AMS Audi R8 V10 Development

AMS recently had a good friend and customer of ours ask us to look into some performance upgrades for his V10 R8 to help shrink the gap between his ALPHA 10 GT-R. The first stage was to measure stock HP and to do a custom AMS tune.

Thankfully we had just invested a great deal of time and money so we can do in house custom ECU tuning on just about every European car on the market.

The results on a totally stock car were impressive to say the least! Read More