ALPHA 10 in the UAE goes 9.80@153 back to back

We wanted to congratulate our dealer Tensai Tuning and their customer Ahli out of Abu Dhabi / UAE for running quite an impressive time this past weekend at the MEGTROC and GTZ Charity Drag Event.

The car was built and tuned by local AMS Dealer Tensai Tuning to a very conservative 860whp/800tq on their very low reading mustang Dyno. From what we know of this dyno it would be roughly 950-975whp on our Dynojet.

Despite some fairly poor track conditions Ahli was able to go out and run two back to back 9.80@247.96kph (153.7mph) passes. Making him currently the quickest R35 GT-R in the UAE.

Congratulations to Ahli and Tensai tuning for the great run and we are sure with better conditions an even quicker and faster time is right around the corner!

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TopSpeed Tuned ALPHA 10 GT-R goes 9.44@155.99 MPH

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Recently our friends and ALPHA GT-R Dealers Top speed Motorsports in Georgia took theirs customer Mike Wadsworth ALPHA 10 to the track.

They were able to dominate every class of Import Showdown a couple weeks ago, but the big news is MikeWads runs in his Alpha10 Built 2012 GT-R!!!

Mike did the entire install himself with the help of AMS Performance, Topspeed Motorsports and

9.44 @ 155 mph on BACK TO BACK runs!

Alpha10, Wads Built, TopSpeed Tuned!!!!!

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AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 7

Well  unfortunately we were unable to hit our goal of attending the Fall Texas Mile with the Hearse due to other shop priorities, but we are happy to be working on the project again. We are still pleased to have Shane Smith on the project finalizing the fabrication side of things and he has been turning out some trick stuff. Read More

Another ALPHA 10 GT-R is born.

Jeff’s 2010 GT-R was amongst that group and he was getting quite the treatment… an ALPHA 10 Package to be exact. Jeff like every customer had some special goals. He wanted great 0-60 times, gobs of torque and 1000whp if ever the situation called for it. The ALPHA 10 was the obvious choice.

Jeff told us up front that he was rarely going to see race gas so big power on pump was a must. We put together a tried and true package consisting of:

ALPHA 10 turbo kit
ALPHA 3.8 Race engine
ALPHA cylinder head package with ALPHA Camshafts
ALPHA Induction kit and front mount intercooler
ALPHA fuel system
ALPHA fuel rail kit with Fuel pressure regulator
ID2000 CC injectors
ALPHA ported throttle body service
Dodson/ Exedy Sportsman Clutch and full transmission build by ShepTrans

Final numbers:

93 Octane pump gas: 834 whp and 676 Ft / lbs of torque
MS109E unleaded race gas: 1013whp and 832 ft/ lbs of torque

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