NY Giants Brandon Jacobs ALPHA 9+ R35 GT-R


Brandon Jacobs AMS Alpha 9+ R35 Gt-R

A little while ago we were contacted by NY Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. Aside from being a standout running back in the NFL he is also one of the biggest car nuts you will ever talk to. Brandon can talk for hours about all things auto and has a true passion for our shared hobby.

Over the past few weeks we have been building a new version of our ALPHA 9 package for Brandon. Aptly named the ALPHA 9+ we selected some slightly larger turbo chargers that we felt would not only maintain perfect spool time but allow for a nice bump in power. With standard ALPHA 9 packages doing about 680-700whp on pump gas and 780-800 on race gas we were hoping for a nice 50whp bump. Read More

AMS Alpha 12: World’s Fastest R35 GT-R

AMS Performance brought the Antigua/Barbuda Alpha 12 GT-R to the October 2011 Texas Mile in an effort to set a new world record for the fastest R35 GT-R. Even with windy and unfavorable conditions at this fall’s Mile event, the Alpha 12 owned by Andrew Hadeed of Antigua Barbuda was able to secure the title […]