Brand New 2012 ALPHA 9 ready to ship to the Philippines

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Not too long ago we had placed a thread up about some GT-R’s getting shipped to AMS for some service.  One of those vehicles was Chris’ brand new 2012 Nissan GT-R. Chris lives in the Philippines so he wanted a very safe conservative ALPHA 9 package that he could enjoy on his grade of pump gas. In addition Chris was very specific on his wheel choice and finish and selected a set of ADV.1 21″ Deep Concave ADV10 wheels with Gloss black lip/barrel and matte gunmetal centers. Chris lives in a region where lowering his car is not really an option or you would see her nestled down on those wheels a little more. Despite stock ride height the car came out looking GREAT! Read More

Look out Canada! 817whp ALPHA 9 Track/Daily Driver GT-R

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We just finished up another unique ALPHA 9 build. Craig drives his GT-R… I mean REALLY drives it. This is no garage queen or weekend toy. Craig puts miles on this car every day and in all weather conditions. We even had to replace a few items thanks to salt putting a beating on them.

Craig’s car came to us as a traditional ALPHA 6 car. He tracks the car regularly and wanted more power for the road course and more to play around with on the streets. In addition to our traditional ALPHA 9 power package we added HKS inlet pipes, DCT Cooler, A built transmission by Shep trans and a tried and true AMS 3.8L long block complete with AMS ALPHA series camshafts. Read More

AMS EVO VIII/IX F1-I on Sale.. Biggest sale ever!

It’s time to help save our loyal EVO VIII and IX customers some money!!!

Retail Pricing: 1029.95

Limited time sale price: $849.95!!!!!

The AMS EVO VIII/IX F1-I Intake Manifold was designed to outperform every 4G63 manifold available including our own VSR. We referenced many modern design examples and engineering studies to bring you the best intake manifold ever made for the EVO VIII/IX. Read More

AMS ALPHA Nissan R35 GT-R Throttle Body Porting Service

Recently we have been talking about some small additions to our part catalog that helped us achieve power beyond that of the ALPHA 12. During testing on our ALPHA 12 car on low boost we saw GREAT improvements in HP and torque across the entire power band. For those looking for a bump in power on any level of GT-R our throttle body porting service is the way to go! We have ported cores on the shelf ready to go for exchange!!!

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