AMS Sponsored Marty Grand wins T2 2011 National Championship!

“I just want to thank AMS for all the support that helped us win our second straight SCCA T2 National Championship!!. The car ran perfectly all week and allowed our heavily restricted Evo to battle toe to toe with the 2011 5 liter Ford sponsored Mustang GT driven by Grand am cup Pro Andrew Aquilante and the Nissan sponsored 370Z driven by World Challenge Pro Tony Rivera as well as many others.  With a slightly damp track and clouds looming, we chose to go out on rain tires where most of the front runners went out on dries. Once the track dried up we slipped back a few places until the rain finally hit as we had planned. The advantage swung back in our favor and we were able to get back to the lead and the win.”

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Special Delivery for AMS… Transport drops off a bundle!

Yesterday our preferred car transport company Thomas Sunday dropped off the next batch of cars at AMS. This now brings the total GT-R head count at AMS to 15. It seems as soon as we deliver a few… a few more are right behind them.

First we have Jeff with his 2010 GT-R from Pound Ridge, NY. Jeff initially wanted an ALPHA 9 but the temptation for the ALPHA 10 was too great. Jeff’s goals are to build an 800whp Pump gas monster and we will deliver JUST THAT!

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New AMS Mitsubishi Evolution VII-IX V-Band Turbo Kit Results

Since I first purchased my EVO 9,  I had been running the original AMS T3 turbo kit. It was a great kit and still is a fine example of a truly durable, complete, and potent turbo kit. But over the years turbo technology has changed. So with that, AMS set out to design a turbo kit to utilize today’s turbo and wastegate technology and I must say the final product is spot on.
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*AMS Apparel Release* AMS ALPHA12 – Worlds First 8 Second R35 GT-R T-Shirt

Celebrate a milestone in R35 GT-R history with the AMS Alpha 12 – World’s First 8-Second R35 GT-R T-Shirt. This commemorative shirt features the 1500 horsepower AMS Alpha 12 GT-R and it’s accomplishment as the world’s very first 8 second ¼ mile R35 GT-R. Can here for information how to purchase this shirt.

Project Badfish: 2012 ALPHA 10 GT-R is ready for delivery!

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A little while ago our GT-R customer Zac walked into our showroom inquiring about doing an ALPHA 9 package to his new 2012 GT-R. We talked over the options and in addition to the ALPHA 9 estimate I gave him he also wanted an ALPHA 9 to 10 estimate. After showing his wife the info she replied with “well why don’t you just do ALPHA 10 in the first place and save some money doing it twice?” Talk about a keeper!

Shortly after that Zac confirmed the build and Tim Salefski our in house engine builder began working up an engine for him. Zac then dropped his baby off and our technician Eric Jones was put to work. The slated modifications for the car were as follows:


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