AMS is now Two Dynos Strong!, Just installed our Dynojet 424 Linx!

The demand for tuning and vehicle builds have become pretty high here at AMS and to meet the demand we installed a second dyno. In addtion to our Mustang AWD dyno a New DYNOJET 424 Linx with dual eddy current absorbers joins the family

With two full time tuners this should only help service our customers even better!

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AMS Alpha 12 R35 GT-R Goes 9.0 in the quarter mile and breaks the record again, Its has not been an easy road though.

As you know, AMS has been hard at work pushing Tim Sanders’ ALPHA 12 GT-R to extreme, unseen limits. Admittedly, it hasn’t exactly been an easy road

Recently, we tested Tim Sanders’ ALPHA 12 GT-R on the AMS Mustang Dyno. The car made 1000ft-lbs of torque on the dyno when it started to push water. We pulled the engine to see what was going on and how things were holding up. For the most part, things looked good but the VR38 Engine was starting to show points of weakness. We made some modifications and prepared to test again.

This week we headed to the track for some test passes and to put a little more R&D into the Alpha package. We started the day running 9.3@160 on about 950 whp and steadily increased it to almost 1000Whp (Mustang Dyno) where we ran a best trap of 163mph. It was then that we broke our first rear axle on a GT-R. Thanks to Ivan’s quick work, we swapped it out and continued testing. Read More

David vs. Goliath

The race lived up to the hype. Preparation had begun weeks before with the anticipation of Goliath in the form of a factory built Audi DTM driven by Doug Gore coming to take David’s crown as King of Dover Raceway. The team was now in high gear Saturday morning for the big show, the car was at the track early and all the supplies and team arrived shortly after. The crew was pleased to see that lap times were good from the start and consistently dropping.  Some of the day was used to further optimize the setup on the car.  By the afternoon on new tires, David was running at near track record times, lap after lap.

Sunday was the first test and again the team was not disappointed.  Practice went well with few changes needing to be made, which gave the team time to relax and wait for the first qualifying session.  Once on track, all it took was enough laps to heat the tires and David was able to set a blistering time of 1:18.7 to take pole position for the Thunder Sport class.  With that pace, he was just under two full seconds ahead of his next fastest competitor and main rival Doug Gore in the ATL sponsored Audi DTM car.

The second qualifying session was a few hours later and with no major work or changes needed.   David was once again able to set the fastest time. The Team decision was made to use the same tires as the first qualifying, and they were not let down with another high 1:18 second run to take pole position in the Modified Production 4(MP4) class over the Audi once more. Read More

*New Product Release* AMS 08+ Subaru STI EJ257 Exhaust AVCS Cam Gear Removal Wrench!

AMS Cam Gear Wrench for 08+ EJ257 Exhaust AVCS

This cam gear wrench was designed to aid in the removal and replacement of the AVCS exhaust cam gears on your 2.5L EJ257 engine. This is done by holding the gear in place while loosening or torqueing the center bolt. Clamping the timing belt in order to remove the center bolts from your cam gears can damage or weaken the belt or other engine parts. A slot for a 1/2″ ratchet or breaker bar has also been incorporated into the design to ensure you have all the torque necessary to get the job done with ease.



Imagine a team of two traveling over 3500 miles to race 9 events in eight days at some of the most demanding road courses of the eastern and Midwest United States. Throw in a drag race event midway through the competition along with a wet and dry skid pad event to kick off and end it all and you’d think you’d already have a rough challenge ahead of you. Now imagine you have no transport vehicle, the whole journey would have to be traversed in your race vehicle and you have to do it all on ONE set of tires! That’s what Leh Keen and Doug Wilks had to do in their TopSpeed Motorsports GT-R along with roughly 80 other competition vehicles for a chance to win the 2011 Brock Yates’ One Lap of America.

Competition for the 2011 One Lap of America began at the Tire Rack facility in South Bend, IN on April 30, 2011. The event made its way full circle over 3500 miles throughout much of the eastern and Midwest United States and ended a little over one week later on May 5, 2011. With nine race events and two skid pad competitions, this event was a true a test of endurance for both man and machine.

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