AMS Sponsored Nathan Pitcher – 929 Evo – Autobahn – 1st in TTA and track record!


1st Place in TTA & Track Record!

I had big plans for this weekend. I know Autobahn pretty well and I planned to test 2 different configs in 2 days – weather dependent…

We drove up Friday night after work. And by ‘WE’ I mean myself, my wife (married 6 months ago) and our 3 yr old puppy. It’s about 3hrs to Autobahn up by Chicago, IL. The plan was to camp out Fri & Sat at the track. We leave the driveway at 5:07pm. About 5:45pm my wife hears they spotted a Tornado in our hometown at 5:15pm – so we juuuussssttttt missed it. Everything to the W of us looked dark and nasty so we kept heading N to the track with NO plans to stop! Read More

AMS Performance enters the LSx Market

This Summer AMS will be working with the LSx platform We we have acquired a C6 Z06 to begin with but other products for other platforms will follow. One of the major endeavors on this car will be a powerful, efficient, high quality and properly fitting turbo kit. We are confident in our ability to […]

AMS Sponsored 929 Evo – Mid Ohio TTA Track Record!

466 miles and 7.5hrs to Mid Ohio!

My Saturday morning arrival was foggy and a bit cold – but worlds better than the Friday testday that was full of rain and 48 degrees for a high. I mounted up last years Hoosiers and put down my first ever ‘dry’ lap at Mid Ohio of a 1:43x i think to secure a gridspot near the front of the 40 car field.

In S2 I had a 1:42 on my first hot lap just as things were warming up. But on lap #2 I went wide into T8 and spun it. Fortunatley I stayed on track and nothing was damaged. With NASA you lose your times if you spin or go offtrack, so I had no official time at this point.

We had a decent break over lunch and we decided to change the AoA on the ARP wing I was running. Here’s where things went wrong… Not sure if it was hosed before or during our adjustment attempt but we had the adjustable rod screw break off inside the nut. We tried drilling it, pounding a hammer into it, pounding a screw into it, using vicegrips to turn the hammer/screwdriver – nothing. It was hosed. I did have a close neighbor (Mark; aka Brad) with a sweet ITR and the same wing! He agreed to let me borrow the supports when our schedules worked out. So we had a plan! Read More

*AMS Product Release* AMS Nissan R35 GT-R ALPHA Induction kit

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Alpha Induction Kit

Accurate Airflow Metering Provides Big Power And Perfect Driveability

By changing to a blow-through style MAF we have eliminated the problems associated with running big power on a factory pull-through system. Smoother driveability and a higher peak HP threshold (when used with our ALPHA MAF sensors) can be achieved while still using a 3 pipe we have proven well over 1400HP to date. This blow-through conversion allows for much better measurement of the airflow that is actually entering the engine and allows you to run a BOV that will vent to atmosphere without the consequences of a standard MAF. Read More

AMS Sponsored Ryan Gates at the Texas Mile | Evo X | Record Setting Run

– Courtesy of Time attack competitor, Ryan Gates, took the time to tell us about his experience at the Texas Mile with his driver blog and now Cinesthetics has released a film of his record setting run with his AMS Performance built, 750whp, Evo X. As you can see in the video, he was […]

Nathan Pitcher 929 Evo – Track Day Testing 3.26.2011

After about 4hrs of sleep, this (pic above) was the scene early Saturday morning – bundled up and unpacking the car! It was downright cold and windy in the morning and didn’t change much throughout the day. The high I seen was 36; maybe 37 degrees. Temps under 40 definitely bring up a host of additional issues! I was probably going to be running street tires all day and definitely needed to turn the boost down!
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