AMS Performance World Challenge GT Nissan GT-R build update # 17

More updates! The car is getting really close to starting up!

Justin spent a good deal of time this past week finishing up the cooling system including a coolant reservoir and the final working of the rear transmission cooler. The ducting is all worked up and the pump is now mounted.

Fuel Safe Also finished up the Fuel cell after our revisions were made. VERY cool stuff happening on this car.

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*AMS Product Release* AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Extreme Duty Connecting Rods

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Extreme-Duty Connecting Rods

When our engineers began designing the AMS Alpha 10 & 12 series R35 GT-R builds, they knew we would need a set of connecting rods that would withstand the 1000+ horsepower and extreme torque levels. With limited choices on the market for this level of performance, AMS decided to work with Manley Rods to develop the AMS Extreme-Duty Connecting Rods suitable for over 1500HP! Read More

*AMS Product Release* AMS Nisssan R35 GT-R Extreme Duty Pistons

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Extreme-Duty Pistons

The AMS Nissan R35 GTR Extreme-Duty Pistons are not your ordinary replacement pistons. We teamed up with JE Pistons to engineer heavy-duty pistons that are designed to increase power and perform flawlessly under extreme heat and PRESSURE.

To improve the output of your VR38, we raised the compression ratio to increase horsepower throughout the powerband. This increase also produces more low end torque which reduces turbo lag and improves boost response. Read More

*AMS Product Release* AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Alpha Engine Program 3.8l and 4.0l Options

We have finally sat down and finalized our two engine options for the VR38

Option 1: Our 3.8 Forged Engine
Option 2: Our 4.0 Sleeved Big Bore Race Engine

We have successfully applied our race-winning experience to the GT-R’s VR38 to bring you the paramount in engine programs. By developing AMS proprietary engine components we have engineered the strongest, most advanced VR38 available for your GT-R.

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**AMS Product Release** AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Alpha Fuel System

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Alpha Fuel System Upgrade Kit

The AMS Nissan GT-R Alpha Fuel System is a no compromise solution for GT-R owners in need of fuel delivery to support up to 1300hp.

Bigger Capabilities With Less Hassle

Most aftermarket fuel systems for the GT-R require extensive, permanent modifications to the factory sending units or bulky, potentially unsafe, fuel components in the trunk of the vehicle. The AMS solution prevents all of this by neatly housing all of the fuel system upgrades inside the factory fuel tank! Read More

Preliminary AMS ALPHA 12 Dyno testing….1100whp has been breached

Over the past few weeks we have been doing some ALPHA 12 testing on Tim Sanders GT-R at his request. The man REALLY likes power lol.

The major changes from the 10 to the 12 are the engine and the turbo kit itself. Tim’s car is now fitted with an AMS ALPHA 4.0 big bore engine and ALPHA 12 Turbo kit. The combination has proved to be pretty potent only spooling 150 rpm later than the ALPHA 10 package. The power….well it’s surprising even us. This is just preliminary testing on MS109E unleaded race gas. We also kept the RPM’s a little lower than we normally do to see how the kit is responding. Read More

2,000 Miles of Discovery A Road Trip in an AMS Alpha-9 GT-R Part #5 – The Final Leg

Story by: Davin Patton
Origonal Source NAGTROC.ORG 2000 Miles of Discovery Thread

Most who went to the SEMA show had the single goal in mind of partying, and all seemed to accomplish their missions. Las Vegas is, without a doubt, a place where a man can get himself into a lot of trouble. Given that my main goal was to get a lot of things done for NAGTROC, I couldn’t give myself the luxury of getting too distracted. Things do have a way of happening there but, with the exception of one night that involved some Patron, I managed to stay out of trouble and was very productive.

One thing about the SEMA show that always stands out to me is the number of pure show cars. There are cars there that have clearly never seen a drop of water. More than a few were probably born just weeks prior in a warehouse somewhere. Many had likely been taken directly to the show, under full body protection, to keep them from coming in contact with potentially dirty air particles anywhere between the factory they were painted in and the show floors.
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