AMS Scores A 1-2 Finish At The Super Lap Battle Finals (Part 1 of 2)

AMS 900X Mitsubishi EVO X At The Super Lap Battle Finals


A couple weeks prior to their trip out west, AMS outfitted their newly acquired 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with the AMS 900X Package. The only difference from the standard 900X was a new, experimental AMS 2.3 big-bore engine that spooled the 900X turbo even faster and produced greater torque. To feed the new engine, AMS chose a set of Injector Dynamics 2000cc/min injectors which are able to support over 1500hp while providing the idle quality of stock injectors. The newest offering from Kelford Cams for the EVO X allowed the Mitsubishi 4B11 to produce big power at 8,500 RPM -providing a power band of over 4000 rpm! This combination made over 700hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque on a conservative Time Attack tune! Read More

AMS Scores A 1-2 Finish At The Super Lap Battle Finals (Part 2 of 2)

AMS Alpha 9 GT-R At The Super Lap Battle Finals


To provide additional proof to the GT-R community regarding the reliability, drivability and track capability of the Alpha 9 Package, the AMS Alpha 9 GT-R began its journey to the Super Lap Battle Finals with a 2000+ mile cross country performance review conducted by the owners and admins of, Chuck Hannold and Davin Patton. AMS gave the two free reign to do their worst with the 800 hp they had on tap – allowing them to subject the Alpha 9 GT-R to the most punishment they could muster up as they made their way to Vegas for SEMA and then Buttonwillow, CA for the event. From snow in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the blistering heat of the Nevada and California deserts, Chuck and Davin took the Alpha 9 through every condition imaginable on their voyage. Read More

An EVO X built for the greatest reason of all….

An EVO X built for the greatest reason of all…. Kids With Cancer!

About 9 months ago AMS was approached by a Mr Paul Seto to help us with a charitable project for the 2010 Motor Trend One Lap of America race. The car was built with some bolt on’s and a basic tune. The owner Mr Barry Stewart and Dr.Seto competed in the event and had a blast all while raising a substantial amount for charity. They had so much fun and raised so much that instantly they knew an even more profound effort for 2011 was necessary.

Thanks to the guidance of 2010 mid-priced sedan class winners Chris Wirth and Sean Caron (EVO X) they laid out the ground work for what would be a top class contender for 2011. We were contacted to build them not only a well setup EVO X but one that would stand up to the grueling One Lap of America event.

The primary focus of this project is to raise money and awareness for the Kids with Cancer society. A cause more fitting of help than any we can possibly think of.

The Evo X will be run in the 2011 One Lap of America event and will be striving to be in the top 10 overall standing. Plans are also in the works to campaign the car as a Street Class entry in the 2011 Redline Time Attack series which typically runs from late February to October and Barry, Sean and Chris will be teaming up to drive and support the events along with assistance from AMS. If time and resources permit the vehicle might also compete in the 2011 Targa Newfoundland rally.

The build is very detailed and here at AMS we are making sure no stone gets left unturned. With such a worthy cause at hand and working with such a driven individual like Mr Barry Stewart we are all really putting our hearts into this project.

At the heart of the build is and AMS power plant consisting of an AMS 2.2 Liter long-block, 750R quick spooling turbo system and all the goodies to go along with it.

The suspension list is a long one but at the core is none other than the industry leading JRZ RS Pro Coilover suspension.

We could not of started with a better palette as Mr Stewart picked up a brand new 2010 EVO X GSR from our friends at Max Madsen Mitsubishi.

On with the pictures!

AMS TA1 Wins The 2010 Caribbean Motor Racing Championship 50th Victory Since 2006

On November 7th 2010David “King” Summerbell piloted AMS TA1 to a championship win at the final CMRC race held at the South Dakota Raceway in Georgetown Guyana, South America. This championship win marks the 50th victory for TA1 since its debut back in 2006 and also Summerbell’s second consecutive year as champion. For more information […]

Motor Trend magazine tests the AMS Performance Alpha 9 Nissan GT-R R35!

A while back we made our way out to the sunny California to have our Alpha 9 package equipped R35 Nissan GT-R tested by the folks at the Motor Trend Magazine. The result is what MT calls “Veyron-Beating Speed for ZR1 Coin!”- Just check out the video below!


The full article with more information, test results and pictures can be found on Motor Trend’s Website HERE.

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AMS Video: AMS Alpha 10 GT-R runs 9.1 @ 163 MPH! Worlds Quickest and Fastest R35 GT-R!


AMS and the Alpha 10 GT-R made its return to the drag strip a few weeks ago in an attempt to improve upon its previous ¼ mile record of 9.33@153mph. Since that record run, it was uncertain whether there would be another chance to run again this year due to the weather getting colder in the Midwest. However, after making a few changes to the Alpha 10 setup, the temperature warmed up enough and the decision was made to head back to the drag strip to see what more the Alpha 10 GT-R could muster up.

The Alpha 10 finished tuning the day prior and was up another 80 wheel horsepower since its last run. The GT-R was now laying down 980 horsepower and 871 ft/lbs torque to the wheels (or an estimated 1165 engine horsepower – 1035 ft/lbs engine torque) with no additional turbo lag over stock! Weather was still in the 50’s and traction was still a plaguing issue, but AMS special projects technician, Ivan Phipps, took to the wheel this time and was able to pull through that day with a best run of 9.19@163mph!

After a slight delay due to preparation for the Texas Mile and SEMA, we have the video of the record-setting AMS Alpha 10 GT-R run. Again, the quickest and fastest R35 GT-R in the ¼ Mile!


AMS Alpha 10 Turbo Kit
AMS VR38 Race Engine
AMS Alpha 10 Transmission by
AMS 90mm Downpipes
AMS 90mm Resonated Mid-pipe
AMS 90mm Race Exhaust
AMS Front Mount Intercooler
AMS 76mm High-Flow Intercooler Piping
AMS Accu-Flow Intake Piping
AMS Upgraded MAF Sensors
AMS Spec Upgraded Fuel Injectors
AMS Alpha-Series Fuel System Upgrade
AMS Calibrated Map (Race and Pump Gas)
Cobb AccessPort
HKS SSQV Blow-off Valves
K&N Air Filters

Click here for more information on the AMS Alpha 10 package ?

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AMS Performance EVO 900X to compete in STI vs. EVO Shootout and Super Lap Battle Finals

AMS Performance EVO 900X to compete in STI vs. EVO Shootout and Super Lap Battle Finals

November 9-10

ButtonWillow Raceway, CA

AMS is currently sending a crew out west for the Import Tuner STI vs. EVO Shootout and the Super Lap Battle Finals. The two events will be hosted at Buttonwillow Raceway, CA on November 9th and 10th. At both events, we’ll be throwing our blue AMS Performance EVO 900X into the mix in an attempt to stiffen the competition.

1 AMS_Performance_Super_Lap_EVO_X_900X_01.jpg Read More