AMS Denmark VS AMS Germany Drag EVO battle!

There has been a friendly battle brewing between AMS Germany & AMS Denmark Drag EVOs. Last year Lars piloted the AMS Denmark EVO to a 9.21 @ 162 MPH run taking the title of Denmark’s fastest car. Later on Lars also managed a 9.01 @ 156.18 MPH ¼ mile pass earning the title of Europe’s Fastest and Quickest EVO.  However Paul Dziubek and AMS Germany have been catching up to Lars times and recently the team managed to blast off a 9.09@ 156 MPH quarter mile pass with the car only running 2.5 bar of boost. Knowing there is plenty left on the table AMS Germany called out Denmark to a duel, naturally Lars accepted the challenge. In preparations for the race the Denmark evo has undergone some major changes including a slew of AMS go fast goodies  and even an AMS Drag EVO custom turbo kit as pictured below.

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Nathan Pitcher 929 Evo – NASA TTA Win & Track Record @ Gingerman!


Woke up to rain. Got to the track and finished unpacking and it was still raining for the warmup. Even though I was on Hoosiers, I decided to head out just to make updates were all installed correctly. I switched back to TTA mode, meaning I reinstalled my AMS FMIC, AMS LICP, AMS MBC and brand new upper intercooler pipe (finally dumping the stock UICP for good and all it’s troubles staying attached I hoped). I ran just 2 laps of fun in the rain and literally slid through the last turn and into pit lane – but everything shook down just fine.
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AMS Performance World Challenge GT Nissan GT-R build update # 10

Some more updates on the World Challenge GT build.

Now that cage is pretty much sorted we can move on to other aspects of the build.

Fuel safe was able to build us a custom 30 gallon fuel cell based on our CAD drawings that we sent in to them. Today they shipped us the shell for some test fitting. This cell when complete will house two high volume pumps to feed the updated power plant.

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Jamaica Gleaner News: “Circuit Racing: The King and the Beast”

AMS Performance TA1 driven by David Summerbell from the CMRC Caribbean Invasion 2010

As I stated in an earlier blog, the thrill associated with witnessing feats of speed and bravado at Dover, for the Emancipation of Speed race-meet, was not on the cards. I was unavoidably absent. I had to rely on post- race reports and comments to mould an image of what occurred on track.There was consensus that it was a memorable event which climaxed with an unexpected display of superiority, which left attendees in a fun induced drunken stupor!

According to the race report, David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr. started the final race of the day from pit lane, ½ lap after the field got the green flag. Summerbell summoned his troops and took the field to the slaughterhouse. When the mayhem ended only Matthew Gore, the victor, was spared. Some fans intimated that it was the best race they have seen at Dover for some time. Read More

AMS Random: R32 GT-R stops by for a tune

AMS Performance Tunes a R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

We get the pleasure of tuning all kinds of cars here at AMS, everything from professional race cars, exotics, imports, to domestics and even muscle cars.  An uber clean Nissan R32 GT-R stopped by today to have Chris work his magic and I simply couldn’t help to take few quick snaps of this beauty. It’s one of those cars that everyone here stops to take a look at and it’s very rare to see on in such a great condition, especially in my favorite color.

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