AMS Sponsored 929 Evo – Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge @ VIR

The trip down

I took off mid-afternoon on Wednesday, to make the 900+ mile trip to VIR for the Friday morning call. It really was a normal trip passing through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. The mostly downhill 5% grades in West Virginia were ok, and the last hour had 2-lane downhill 9% curving grades (wasn’t looking forward to these on the way out!). Got to the track about 7-8pm local and unloaded the car in the all sand paddock area.
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AMS Subaru WRX/STI Rotated Mount V-band Turbo Kits

AMS 02-07 Subaru STI/WRX Rotated Mount 750R V-Band Turbo Kit

AMS 02-07 Subaru Rotated Mount V-band Turbo Kit

The AMS 02-07 Subaru Rotated Mount V-band Turbo Kit is the new benchmark in Subaru performance.  Designed to meet the demanding needs of road race, drag race and street cars alike, we have successfully achieved unparalleled drivability, response, and horsepower.  Our unique design has been tested and refined for over 1 year to provide reliability, OEM like fitment and options never available in a Subaru turbo kit before.

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AMS Subaru WRX/STI Intercooler Upgrades

AMS Subaru WRX/STI Intercooler Upgrades

AMS 04-07 Sti/WRX Front Mount Intercooler w/ 2.5" Piping

AMS 04-07 Sti/WRX Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler w/ 2.5″ Piping

The AMS Subaru 04’-07’ WRX/STI Front Mount Intercooler is the best performing direct bolt on you can buy.  This durable, race analyzed intercooler core is proven efficient to 800 hp and is 160% larger than its stock counterpart.

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AMS Nissan R35 Gt-R Performance Packages

AMS Nissan GT-R SR600 Package

AMS SR600 R35 Performance Upgrade Package

The AMS SR600 package was designed to optimize your Nissan GT-R by unleashing the power that the factory held back. By addressing the major areas of restriction in your exhaust, intake and factory computer we can take the stock 485HP rating and increase it to 600 and we have the 10 second time slips to back it up!

At the heart of the AMS SR600 package is our tried and true tuning map. Through rigorous testing we have developed a file for your car’s computer that extracts the most safe and reliable horsepower possible.  In addition to the computer recalibration we utilize HKS air filters to allow the turbos to breathe easier allowing maximum efficiency of the factory intake system. Finally we include our complete AMS 90mm exhaust system which adds even more horse power and a very throaty tone conveying the appropriate bark to your GT-R’s bite!

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AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 6

It has been a busy summer here at AMS so naturally my hearse project has been coming along slower than I would like!  My good friend Shane Smith has been picking away at the turbo kit as time allows.  Hopefully we can get back on track as the Texas Mile is only 3 months away!

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Nathan Pitcher / AMS Sponsored 929 Evo claims 1st @ NASA – Autobahn!

Wow, welcome to summer track temps! It was easily 90+ all weekend with humidity. NASA was handing out bottles of water to everyone going through the tech/impound shed all weekend!

The results – 1st of 5 in TTA on Saturday and 2nd of 9 in TTA on Sunday. Good results, but my personal times were disappointing to me. I’m sure the heat had a LOT to do with it. I’m trying to figure out if running 100oct tunes on the stock turbo during the midwest summer heat is a good idea or not. I was holding about 26psi in 5th and ran a best of 1:35.2 this weekend. For reference, last year I set the TTB (lower class) record at 1:35.3 in cooler temps on my 21psi 93oct tune. So I was definitely hoping to top that by a much larger margin.

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*Product Release* AMS Nissan GTR R-35 90mm Race Exhaust

AMS Nissan GT-R 90mm Race Exhaust

AMS Nissan GT-R R35 90mm Race Exhaust

The AMS Nissan GT-R 90mm Race Exhaust is one of the most free-flowing performance-based exhausts on the market. Through our many years of experience in the design of aftermarket turbo exhaust systems, we noted that a higher level of performance could be achieved with improved routing and increased tube diameter over the existing stock GT-R exhaust design. While the stock and many other popular exhaust systems on the market feature intricate bends that would impede upon efficient exhaust flow, AMS decided to develop a system that would incorporate mild bends and deliver exhaust gases from midpipe to tip in the most direct way possible without sacrificing fitment. This, coupled with a large 90mm primary pipe that gently flares into two 76mm secondary pipes made it possible to further reduce undesired backpressure and turbulence. To cap it off, four polished OEM-style tips were chosen to continue our overall goal in the AMS GT-R engineering project – which was to retain as much OEM-styling as possible in order to build some extremely potent stock-appearing GT-R’S.
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