Chuck’s 1000hp Nissan GT-R Build Update # 15 – Turbo kit development

While we continue to work on the the engine for chuck we are prototyping the kit on another GT-R here at the shop, Mr Tim sanders. Tim’s car is getting a smaller version of Chucks setup for a little more all around power.

For mock-up purposes we temporarily installed the beginnings of the kit on Tim’s built motor. From Here we can begin to work up the oil and water lines needed along with test fitting heat shields, Turbo support brackets, intake pipes and IC piping. Please note the turbo’s shown do not reflect the actual units being used but rather a test set we have installed to get proper dimensions from.

Things are really starting to move along now. There is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. More to follow very soon!

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For anyone serious about putting their vehicle and themselves to the test, AMS has a spectacular deal for you!


  • any customer purchasing at least $1500 in parts from AMS will be awarded a full day pass to the 2010 AMS HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING EVENT for $100.
  • any customer purchasing $2500 or more will be awarded a full day pass to this event for FREE!

VIDEO: Ryan Gates AMS EVO X 900X Package testing @ Autobahn Country Club

On-board footage from our test session at Autobahn Country Club on 5.25.10. Break-in and testing of the brand new AMS 900x 2.2L engine setup went very well. The lap in this video is just a preview of what’s to come, the engine was de-tuned to 650whp for this test session. We are scheduled to debut the new setup at Autobahn on June 12th when Redline Time Attack rolls into town. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, come out for the weekend and check out the car….and the event!

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Zeus’ WILD GT-R aka AMS Operation Agent Orange build update #5


A special thanks to our friends at Fries automotive for taking extra special care of Zues’ baby on her trip back from Autowerks

First let me start by saying pictures do not do this car justice. WOW!

Ron and the guys at Autowerks did a great job. But more imporantly now we get to install what will be our SR900 package now as we can now drop in our full built AMS VR38 Engine complete with Tomei camshafts and AMS new “Billet” wheel Turbo chargers!!!

on with the pictures!!

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**AMS Ralliart Twin Tip Cat-Back Exhaust Coming Soon**

We have a few teaser pictures that we wanted to share with the rest of you. We have been working on this project for a little while now and finished up the design here today.

We are going to have two different tip options. The first is an OEM like tip while the other is a 4inch more aggressive tip. This will hit the shelf in about a month’s time and pricing will be released then as well.

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