AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 5

Now the fun really begins as we construct the turbo kit.  The factory truck exhaust manifolds make a great base for the turbo kit when reversed so I decided to go that route.  Guys have run in the high 8 second range on similar set-ups  so there should be no issue with what I am trying to accomplish.

With the exhaust manifolds flipped facing forward we added 2″ 304 Stainless Steel schedule 40 pipes that Y into a split scroll T-4 flange.  This is a really solid foundation but for  safety sake we will be adding some support brackets once the kit is complete.



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Hey hey my fellow SpeedHunters, my name is Ryan Gates and I’m here to share some pretty rad info with you all! First of all, I’d like to thank the awesome crew at SpeedHunters for letting me post the whole rebuild and refresh process of my Modified class Evo X. It’s taken a beating over the last two race season… it’s been a track rat pretty much since the day I bought the car in early ’08. Running across the US competing in both US-based Time Attack series Redline Time Attack, and Super Lap Battle.

Each event was used as development for new parts, tuning, testing different setups etc… the entire time running the all-new and unproven OEM 4B11T engine from Mitsubishi. Needless to say the car was due for a refresh after a hard 10,000+ track miles over the past two seasons. When the stock engine finally let go during practice in the first event of 2010, that refresh process began ASAP and was handled by none other than my boys at AMS Performance.

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AMS sponsored EVO wins both SCCA VIR National races

AMS sponsored SCCA T2 EVO driver Marty Grand participated in the North Carolina Apr Double National race held at VIR last weekend and took home two first place finishes and set a new class track record!

Here is Marty’s quick rundown of the weekend’s  events along with some video clips:

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AMS Sponsored Nathan Pitcher – NASA MW @ Gateway Report

AMS Sponsored 929 Evo – NASA MW @ Gateway Report

The first NASA Midwest region event was held last weekend at the Gateway Int’l Raceway ‘Roval’ roadcourse. It incorporates nearly 1/2 of the nascar track with an infield to form a 1.6 mile ‘roval’ roadcourse. It’s pretty easy on the brakes but a lot of people have difficulty with all the walls as there’s very little/no runoff room around the track.
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