AMS Drag Evo VIII to compete in the Texas Mile – Update

Well our beloved drag car is now about to get loaded into a trailer for the Texas mile. The finishing touches were performed the past few days. Some final aero steps were taken on the front bumper. The air horn was applied to the turbo. The cage was seamed up in a couple more spots for added safety and rigidity. The exhaust was finished as well with a very cool and unique look out the front bumper. The air to water setup and Radiator were totally finished and Justin performed some last minute adjustments to the suspension and alignment. Or course last but not least she got her throw back sticker treatment. Toss in a little paint on the bumper and Texas here we come!

Friday the 26th will be the first day for passes on the car stay tuned for more updates.

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World's First 9 second Nissan GT-R

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the TX2K10 Supra & GTR Nationals event in Houston Texas. During the event we took part in the GT-R Dyno competition where our AMS SR 850 package equipped GT-R placed 1st with 764 All Wheel Horsepower. Following the Friday’s Dyno results we could not wait to […]

AMS to Attend Spring 2010 Texas Mile Event!

AMS prepares to attend the Texas Mile Event for the 2nd time. This time, we plan to bring the AMS GT-R, AMS Porsche 996 and one other vehicle – the AMS EVO VIII Drag Car! See what it takes to convert the Drag Car into a standing one mile race vehicle!

AMS Drag Evo VIII to compete in the Texas Mile – Update

Since our last post, Eric Jones, was able to complete the design and build of the front undertray. The intercooler piping, the twin wastegate setup/dump tubes and exhaust have all been fitted along with the air-to-water intercooler. Currently, Shane is at work mounting the radiator. With a bit more riveting, the aluminum plates on the front fascia will be secured and after speaking with the guys from fabrication, the AMS EVO VIII Drag Car should be finished and ready for tuning in a few more days!

Nica’s 2010 Genesis 2.0T R-Spec Build Update 5

In the previous post, Ivan had finished work on the exhaust header and fuel system. With the header and turbo properly aligned, the compressor housing was removed. This was done so that it could be modified to connect to the intercooler piping.
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*AMS Product Release* AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 2.2l Short Block

AMS Mitsubishi Evo X 2.2L Big-Bore Short Block

For those of you looking for a big-bore version of the 4B11 engine, look no further! AMS now offers the same 2.2L short block that powered the record-setting AMS Time Attack EVO X (TA-X) to the 2009 Redline Time Attack Championship! During the 2009 season, we were able to extract 850 horse power from this race-proven power plant – setting the world horsepower record for the EVO X in the process! After testing this amazing power house for an entire year of racing it is finally available to the public.
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AMS Drag Evo VIII to compete in the Texas Mile – Update

Justin, Eric and the Fabrication department have been hard at work. Header mockup looks to be done and final welding is taking place.

Eric Jones is busy seaming up the front doors and other areas that need to be 200+ mph friendly

All in all progress is going VERY well.

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*AMS Product Release* AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Fuel  Pressure Regulator Kit

The AMS EVO X Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit is designed for anyone running an upgraded fuel pump and or fuel injectors. Whether you are running too rich and need to back off the fuel pressure or if you are running too lean on your current injectors and need to raise base fuel pressure, this is the system for you!  A vibration resistant, liquid filled fuel pressure gauge is included allowing you to monitor your fuel pressure.  Requires no cutting or modifications to your vehicle for easy installation and/or removal.
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Nica’s 2010 Genesis 2.0T R-Spec Build Update 4

The last time we left off, we were waiting for the prototype header to arrive from CP-E. After a slight delay in shipping, the piece was finally received and installed on the Genesis Thursday of last week. There are some mild adjustments that Ivan will need to make but our build is starting to show some true progress!