AMS Subaru turbo kit promotion- FREE shipping & FREE AMS Apparel pack!

We have been selling more and more of our newly introduced AMS Rotated Mount V-band Turbo kit for the 02-08 STI/WRX. Shops all over the country are calling in and stating that they will never put another kit on a Subaru after installing the AMS Kit. With Factory like fitment and reliability paired with AMS power it’s the perfect turbo kit for any Subaru owner!

For a limited time we are going to be offering free shipping on any AMS Subaru turbo kit along with a clothing pack consisting of a free T-shirt, hoodie and hat of your choice. Simple call AMS at 847-709-0530 and mention this post to receive free shipping and your free gear pack with the purchase of your AMS Subaru V-Band turbo kit!

Click here to view the full selection of† our Subaru Turbo kits

We are now also offering 750R and 850R turbos for the 02-07 platforms as well!!

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Chuck’s 1000hp GT-R Build Update 7, 1-26-10

I have seen a lot of turbo kits in my day but I think this one is officially the coolest kit ever! These heat shields look like something out of Transformers or TRON!

Below are some more updated pictures of the turbo kit with the prototype heat shields. The production shields will not have rivets and will be welded up. This is just a sample.
Also notice the very strong but OEM like integrated turbo support bracket.

Keep in mind the turbo is just a mock up turbo so you will not see any wheels in it smile.gif

I love this kit!

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*AMS Product Release* AMS Hyundai Genesis Coupe Delrin Shift Knob

AMS Hyundai Genesis Coupe Delrin Shift Knob Introducing our very own Hyundai Genesis shift knob. The design of our knob extends the length of the shifter which not only aids in shifting throw but also keeps the knob closer to the drivers hands while road racing. Also our shift knob is made of Delrin which […]

AMSPerformance’s Hearse Build – Update 1

The first thing we are addressing on the Hearse is the rear differential.† The stock 10 bolt rear end would not hold up to the torque of the new power plant combined with the weight of the Hearse no matter what components we could throw in it.† To avoid the expense and hassle of putting in a fancy 4 link suspension I opted to go with a bolt-in Ford 9 inch assembly from Moser Engineering.

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Chuckís 1000hp GTR Build, 01-22-10 Update 6

Just as promised Drew finished up the plastic 3D prints of the new GT-R headers. Here they are installed on the car. The next step will involve installing the motor into the car along with our support brackets and custom manifold heat shields to check final fitment. If all works out then its time to cast!

Starting to get pretty exciting!

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AMS now offers Nissan GT-R e-Flashing

Using COBB AccessPORT we are able to optimize your fuel and timing curves to extract as much safe, usable HP and torque as possible. We are also able to raise the fuel cut on the factory ECU for those pushing the limits on the factory hardware. In addition to this we will also modify your cam timing on both your intake an exhaust cams for quicker spool up and maximum power, without sacrificing drivability.

As much as 80+ WHP and 100+ WTQ gains can be seen from Stage 0! Almost 100 HP at the crank!

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AMS releases Porsche K16 Billet Turbo upgrades

AMS releases the most powerful K16 based turbo upgrade available. Using a custom CNC machined billet compressor wheel, these modified K16ís are capable of 750-800hp! These exclusive turbos available from AMS feature modern aerodynamics that offer high flow and stock-like spool. These are the ultimate turbos for street and track cars, no lag and incredible horsepower. Capable of pushing 10 second quarter mile times at well over 130mph with minor bolt-ons, this kit will put your 996TT into the pinnacle of supercar status.

AMS Porsche 996TT K16 Billet Turbo Upgrade Kit

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