ACP Rally EVO X powered by AMS wins the North American Rally Championship.

Congratulations to Andrew “ACP” Comrie-Picard and the ACP Rally Team on winning the 2009 North American Rally Championship!

The ACP Rally EVO X is currently running the tried and true AMS Sleeved Short Block, AMS Short Ram Intake kit, AMS Exhaust, AMS Surge Tank, AMS Air Conditioning Delete kit and AMS shifter bushing kits. These products were run all season and put through grueling rally conditions without skipping a beat, a true testament to AMS quality and reliability.

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AMS Time Attack EVO X Hottest Lap Ever!

Here is a quick video we’ve put together of our team’s participation from the 2009 Super Lap Battle Finals. During the competition a ruptured steering line caused a small fire, luckily our Driver Paul Gerrard escaped without any injuries and was able to bring the car to a controlled stop near a corner station.  Thankfully […] / AMS Performance / Super Lap Battle- Race Report / AMS Performance / Nitto Tires Evo X – Race Report

Event: Super Lap Battle Finale, Buttonwillow – November 11th, 2009

On November 11th, 2009, Ryan Gates competed for the first time in Super Lap Battle’s Limited Class with great success. Ryan won Limited class and also set a new class record in the process, the first Limited car to go under the 1:50 barrier with a 1:49.8.

With a long break since the last Redline Time Attack event in Pahrump, Ryan and the / AMS Performance / Nitto Tires Evo X headed back to Chicago and the AMS Performance HQ to run through the car. Nothing was upgraded on the car after the event, but a few maintenance items were changed and the car was refreshed a bit.

One of the first things to be changed were the front brake rotors along with new pads all around. The Girodisc rotors had taken an amazing amount of abuse, lasting over a year on a single set! With general wear on them, they were replaced with a fresh set and new pads. Special thanks to Girodisc for building such an incredible product.

Other minor fluids were changed, but Ryan was confident in the setup so the car was largely untouched, besides some new decals. K&N Filters helped the team out with some awesome new Air and Oil filters before the final events of the season. Their support was a key part to Ryan competing at the Super Lap Finale, and was extremely appreciated!
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Team AMS/NOS Energy Drink Wins The Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship!!!

Team AMS/NOS Energy Drink Wins The Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship!!!

November 15, 2009
Auto Club Speedway, CA

The AMS NOS Energy Drink Time Attack EVO X rose from the ashes for the Redline Time Attack Finals, literally. Only a few days before the event the car was involved in a fiery mishap that burnt the engine bay and did some serious damage. A high pressure power steering line ruptured and sprayed the hot exhaust manifold with fluid causing a small fire.

The team assessed the damage and spent two days working almost around the clock at the World Motorsports facility in Torrance,California to bring the car back online. With military like precision the team repaired every critical system on the car, from electrical systems to hydraulic, oiling, and even suspension components. Bryan Hise from JRZ disappeared with a front shock only to be back an hour later with a rebuilt and repaired remote reservoir and line. “Thanks to a huge effort from our crew of Justin, Ivan, and Rich, Bryan from JRZ and the generosity of Chris Rado allowing us to utilize his facilities we were able to pull off a miracle.” said team owner Martin Musial.

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*AMS Product Release* AMS Evolution X / Ralliart Carbon Fiber Headlight Delete Covers

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X / Ralliart Carbon Fiber Headlight Delete Covers

The AMS Evo X/ Ralliart Carbon Fiber Headlight Delete Covers are an AMS exclusive! Whether you want to protect your headlights for track days, reduce weight over the front axle or just look sleek at the show; these 100% carbon units will have your car looking its best. Replace your OEM headlights for a total weights savings of 15.6lbs!! These covers are completely reversible back to stock.
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*AMS Product Release* AMS Mitsubishi Evolution X, 5 Speed Gate Selector Bushing Kit

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, 5 Speed Gate Selector Bushing Kit

The AMS EVO X 5 Speed Gate Selector Bushing Kit is made to eliminate shifter play and give a tighter feel providing precise gear changes. This kit was initially designed to improve shifting in our EVO X Time Attack car and is now available for your street car.

Designed to improve shifting accuracy, this solid bronze bushing kit replaces the plastic and rubber OEM units which create extra slop in the shifter. The kit installs in minutes and because it is bronze, you never have to worry about lubrication or rust.
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