**AMS Apparel Release** "RUN with AMS Performance" T-Shirt

She told me to, Walk this way! Talk this way! “RUN with AMS performance” “A tribute to RUN DMC” $14.95 Shipping for shirts is $7 for up to 3 shirts anywhere in the USA, and $5 more for any amount after that. When we process your order we will apply the shipping accordingly. Click Here […]

New EVO X WHP record 751WHP! AMS/NOS TA-X gets ready for Buttonwillow

As many of you know the last two races of the season are right around the corner for the AMS/NOS Energy Drink TA-X time attack car. Redline finals and The Super Lap Battle finals. This morning Chris and Martin threw TA-X on the dyno to dial her in for the upcomming events. The result was….well…..Record breaking! 751AWHP to be exact making TA-X the worlds highest HP EVO X! Not to shabby for a time attack car eh?

Thankfully you will not get the same ear bleeding effect that most of us got this morning in person. Read More

AMS Porsche Product Release: AMS Billet K16 Turbo Package *600WHP CAPABLE*

The AMS Porsche 996 K16 Billet turbo upgrades are the most advanced improvement you can make to your K16 based turbos. Using new aero design with extended tip technology, we replace the OEM compressor wheel with a larger CNC billet unit for higher flow and increased efficiency. The result is an incredibly quick spooling turbo that pulls hard all the way to redline. The AMS upgrade is completely bolt-on and fully compatible with all stock components and comes complete with upgraded 1 bar wastegate actuators to maintain optimum boost throughout the rev range. Read More

AMS Billet K16's go 133.3mph at the drag strip.

After our Texas Mile outing I decided to take our 996tt to the drag strip to see what it would do. I got there last night at 8:15 and they were closing at 9, I had to be quick!

Just to clear things up I wasn’t going for a low ET, but for MPH to back up the power we’re making on our billet K16’s. The clutch that’s in there right now is very hard to modulate on a launch and I didn’t want to break the transmission. So now that I have my excuse out of the way on to the results.
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**AMS Product Release** AMS F1-I Intake Manifold

AMS F1-I Intake Manifold


The AMS EVO VIII/IX F1-I Intake Manifold was designed to outperform every 4G63 manifold available including our own VSR. We referenced many modern design examples and engineering studies to bring you the best intake manifold ever made for the EVO VIII/IX.

For the past 3 years the AMS VSR has been the standard to which all other manifolds were compared. For the F1-I the plan was simple, to take our already power potent VSR and make it even better! Designed and prototyped in house by our team of engineers the new AMS F1-I Intake Manifold now features cast aluminum construction for added strength. Casting this manifold also allowed us to optimize the output of the manifold with larger bell horns, larger plenum, and matched cylinder port angles.
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**New AMS Product Release** Vinyl AMS Banner

The AMS Shop Banner is the perfect addition to your garage, bedroom, basement or anywhere else you want to represent your favorite Import Tuner. Printed on durable HD vinyl this banner will look great for years to come. Specifications 2×6’ long One sided with hems and grommets Click here to purchase.