AMS EVO X makes 550whp

Completely stock motor from valve cover to oil pan. AMS Prototype 35R kit AMS Surge tank setup Prototype DW 1000 cc injectors q16 and 93oct mix. Manual Boost controller I had the oppertunity to test some larger injectors for the X. So I said, why not, and tossed some race gas in it and cranked […]

Blue Demon Update 4-28-09

The car will see the track fairly soon meanwhile here are some pic of the latest: -carbon fiber door panels The new Forgeline wheels -and here is how they look on the car The rear wheel finally sits flush with the body

TA-X Update 4-27-09

Shane finishing up the front doors after the door handle shave. Ivan and Martin going over the wheel/tire combo. Justin mocking up the radiator duct. The finished mock up. The finished duct The duct out of the car Shaved fuel door AIM dash mounted to the steering column The temporary wheel/tire combo

AMS Hyundai Genesis Blow Off Valve Block Off Plate @ BOV's Explained.

I am going to apologize in advance for the length of this post, but please take the time to read through the entire post as there is a lot of useful information. I am also going to talk about Gen Coupe specific issues in the BOV system, the drive by wire system and some driveability. […]

AMS GT-R turbo upgrade pics.

Well we have our upgraded turbo’s ready to go on our test car here at the shop. They look pretty stout. We are working up line kits for it now then on the motor they go and back in the car the new power plant goes

AMS Product Release: AMS Delrin EVO/DSM Shift Knob!

AMS Delrin EVO Shift Knob We’ve had a lot of interest in these over the past few weeks and they are now finally available! Made of high quality delrin material and perfectly sized and weighted for clean shifts. The design of our knob extends the length of the shifter which not only aids in shifting […]

David Summerbell wins another one with AMS TA1!

It’s race season again in Jamaica and the owner and driver of AMS TA1 is back at it again winning races. The race took place at Dover raceway, just south of Discovery bay in Jamaica. Sunday David qualified on pole for the JRDC Carnival of Speed “thundersport” class of the event and then qualified 2nd […]