AMS Subaru Rotated Mount V-band Turbo Kit The AMS Subaru Rotated Mount V-band Turbo Kit is the new benchmark in Subaru performance. Designed to meet the demanding needs of road race, drag race and street cars alike, we have successfully achieved unparalleled drivability, response, and horsepower. Our unique design has been tested and refined for […]

AMS GTR Exhaust Development

As many of you know we have been hard at work developing an AMS exhaust system for the new GT-R. Its not a quick process but to do things right it takes time. I wanted to give everyone a little backdrop on what we have been doing here at the shop. AMS is a 20,000 […]

About a week ago a customer of our approached us with the idea of building a track EVO X. He wanted a turn key track car that he could pick up from us and take right to the track to have some fun. We helped him out in negotiations on a brand new Silver EVO […]

AMS TA-X Buildup Update 1-22-09

Here are some updates of the most recent progress on the build. Ivan, Justin, Shaun and the 2 Shanes we have here have been kicking some serious butt on the project and I can’t wait till the project is finished! Now for the pics Ivan gutting the front door Progress on the roll cage Ivan […]

*NEW* AMS PRODUCT!! The AMS EVO X Lexan Window Kit!!

Now added to our EVO X parts lineup… AMS EVO X Lexan Window Kit The AMS lexan window kit includes 5 scratch resistance pieces made from 1/8 inch thick competition grade coated lexan and 1 windshield made from 3/16″ NHRA legal lexan. All pieces are thermal formed to assure an accurate and aerodynamic fit that […]

***AMS PRODUCT RELEASE*** EVO X Shifter Base Bushings

Now added to our EVO X parts lineup… The AMS EVO X Shifter Base Bushings!! The AMS EVO X Shifter Base Bushings will greatly improve shift quality and accuracy. Made from high quality 6061 aluminum, these CNC precision machined bushings replace the sloppy rubber OEM base bushings. Features Improves shift quality and accuracy […]


Now added to our EVO X parts lineup… The AMS EVO X Harness Bar!! The AMS EVO X Harness Bar was developed to not only perform as designed, but to keep the functionality of your stock or aftermarket seats as well. All too often harness bars prevent seat movement and stock seat belt functionality. With […]

Building a bulletproof 4B11 motor Pt. 2

Using the recently released sleeved block I have gathered the parts needed to continue the build. I am straying away from the standard 2.0 4B11 specs and decided to do some experimenting with some undisclosed strokes and bores. Here are some pics highlighting the second part of the build. ENJOY This is the cleaned block […]