AMS Drag EVO Dyno VIDEO from 2008 HIN Nightshift!!!!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the HIN Night shift show here in greater Chicago land. Typically we do not attend car shows, they sort of go against what we are all about here. HIN Night shift though is a bit different. The show is really geared around motorsports. With a motocross stunt […]

cj Moses SCCA Nationals T2 SE Region Champ with win at CMP

Well, great news!! CJ took first place at CMP!! and took the SE SCCA Nationals title to go along with my NE title. Huge thanks to AMS for giving us the fastest cars in T2 and for all the great support and parts. Couple videos below from my in car camera, one of the start […]


After months of testing we’re ready to announce our CNC head program. We’ve tested 4 different variations of porting and valve jobs to get the best performing combination available. Flow bench number don’t always tell the whole story. We went one step further and correlated flow numbers to actual dyno data. Many vendors claim their […]

AMS steps up the connecting rod scene

AMS has teamed up with top fuel engine component manufacturer Bill Miller Engineering / BME to bring you the daddy of EVO Aluminum Rods! Click here to read all about BME! Tim, our AMS engine builder and shop manager has been working hand in hand with BME the past couple of months to design an […]

Marty Wins Pocono Double Nationals SCCA T2 Class

Went up to Pocono for the Double National this past weekend to decide the NE Region T2 championship. Going in I was 2 points behind Bill Zeigler (2nd at the runoffs) in his Pontiac GXP. Bill was at the race along with some very fast F bodys as well as an M3, another GXP and […]

**ams Engineering Update** Wet Sump Oil Pan

As some of you may or may not know we have been working on a dry sump and wet sump system here at the shop for quite some time. We have some prototype units being used in the field for testing but we wanted to bring to light some info on specifically the AMS WET […]

AMS EVO 8, third consecutive WIN. Lime Green FTW!

Just posting some results from this past Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs HSAX event. The event was held at Blackhawk Farms in Rockton IL. For those who are not familiar, HSAX is autocross rules basically on a real road course. You have one run to make it count! Lots of fun and it helps […]