Kristin of Boostin’ Performance Runs 8.63 @ 161mph in her daily driven GT-R!

Kristin from Boostin’ Performance runs 8.63 @ 161mph in her daily driven GT-R

Kristin Schultz from Boostin’ Performance is at it again.  She took her BP built & tuned, daily driven Alpha 10 GTR back to Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin to improve her already stellar dragstrip results.  Running on E85 fuel she ran 3 passes in the 8.6 range with a best of 8.63@161 MPH, a new personal best! Read More


The All Around Alpha 10 GT-R: Dominant on the Street, Strip and Circuit!

Four and a half years ago, when the GT-R aftermarket was in its infancy (at least for us), we had reached the limit of the Alpha 10 GT-R Turbo Kit and subsequently, had to move on to developing the larger turbo’d Alpha 12 kit to break into the 8’s and stay on top of the field in straight line performance. It used to be that one would opt for an Alpha 12 GT-R Turbo Kit for drag racing or an Alpha 9 Turbo Upgrade for road course duty because of it’s quicker spool. Read More